Yoga & Aromatherapy

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One thing that always goes well with yoga is essential oils. Lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus. It awakens the senses and can promote wellbeing, relaxation and utter bliss.

Essential oils can be used for many things but in yoga it is a perfect marriage of movement and aroma. Oil can be diffused in the room during the practice, or can be applied to the neck, feet or wrists at the beginning or end of a class. If applying directly to the body, add a carrier oil such as coconut, grapeseed or another of your preference.

Choosing the oil to use is the fun part. Are you looking for energy? Choose orange. Are you looking for relaxation? Go with lavender. Fighting a cold? Peppermint or eucalyptus. Hormonal troubles? Geranium, a floral scent is strong and powerful. Other powerful essential oils to consider are frankincense, cypress, lemon or synergy blends with several oils being used all at one time.

Essential oils are a natural and powerful remedy for different things. Using them while doing yoga asana can be very beneficial for body, mind and spirit. Select a good quality brand. Some have fillers and a chemical overtone so choose quality over a cheap price tag. Your oils should smell like the fruits they are from and they should be invigorating and lift your spirits.


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