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‘Built By Rhondy’ takes fitness to the next level

BY: KABRENA ROBINSON  For Rhondel Marshall, fitness has always been much more than a hobby but rather a lifestyle, one that has prompted his immense...

Princess Decor gives your event the Royal Treatment!

BY: ALYSSA MAHADEO Whether you’re planning an extravagant and luxurious affair or taking a simple-yet-elegant approach, it’s all about the decor when it comes to...


The Poverty Report: Part 1

BY: KATHY MCDONALD  This week I will be discussing the inextricable link between poverty, graduation rates, and student success. The column will be a two-part...


How to cook vegetable stock

BY: EARTHA LOWE You’ll love the smell of colourful vegetables and whole spices, as they’re roasted to cook a rich, brown, and nutrient-dense, heart-warming stock with. Stock is a liquid in which solids have been...

Made with Tikka Masala: Vegetarian Naan Pizza

BY: EARTHA LOWE Sauces may be the most interesting aspect of a given dish. They serve to moisten food, to enhance it, to complement it. A basic sauce might be a combination of freshly squeezed...

Keen-what? Quinoa & mango salad

BY: EARTHA LOWE   I love listening to certain family members try to pronounce the word "quinoa," or refer to it as "you know, the round rice." Quinoa is a tasty, easy-to-cook seed. It's also one...

Crunchy Barbecue Cauliflower Wings

BY: EARTHA LOWE Vegetarian food is rich in variety. Upon reading the Vegetarian Society's guide to "Going Veggie: What to Eat," I'm reminded that an enjoyable part of making the transition to a vegetarian diet...

Vegan Chocolate Zucchini Cake

BY: EARTHA LOWE Beautiful, rich, chocolatey! Zucchini's natural sweetness, mellow flavour, and high moisture content make it an ideal fruit to bake this majorly rich chocolate cake with. Zucchini (also called courgette), is a fast-growing fruit...

Health & Wellness

Glaucoma – The leading cause of irreversible blindness in Canada

BY: SHAUN RAWANA O.D., B.Sc What is Glaucoma? Glaucoma has been nicknamed the “sneak thief of sight”.  Glaucoma often goes undetected and causes irreversible damage to...

Laughter Yoga

Better Tomorrow

“Why Aren’t You Listening to Me?” (Part II)

BY: SIMONE JENNIFER SMITH  Welcome back Toronto! So; were you able to take a moment to think about our topic last week? Did you take...
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Women Empowered

Aneesa Badshaw: A Toronto girl’s rise to stardom

BY: KRISTINA RAMCHARRAN Trying to make it big in a city like Toronto can be quite the challenge. With so much talent and new faces...

Zanana Akande: A powerful woman of distinction

BY: KABRENA ROBINSON Zanana Akande epitomizes in all aspects the qualities of a powerful and resilient woman. Having devoted a lifetime to public service and...


Response to: Dating in the church gone wrong

BY: KEZIA ROYER-BURKETT Last week’s “Dating in the church gone wrong” was the most popular article I have written to date. Thank you so much...

Dating in the church gone wrong

BY: KEZIA ROYER-BURKETT I grew up going to church every Sunday with my family; it was just what we did. I always thought I would...

Determining your relationship values featuring Carole Sandy

BY: KEZIA ROYER-BURKETT Usually, this column focuses on my relationship experiences and topics related to single people, this week I have decided it was time...

Online Dating – The Bizarre Idea of Meeting People Online

BY: KEZIA-ROYER BURKETT Online dating is all the craze nowadays but I just can’t seem to wrap my head around meeting someone online.  Plenty of...

Looking For Someone To Want

BY: KEZIA ROYER-BURKETT Yayyyy!!! We can rejoice if you are single like me, we have made it through the hardest holidays for single people, and...


A Royal Welcome at the Moon Palace Jamaica

BY: ALYSSA MAHADEO When planning a vacation one of the first things to check off the list is choosing your destination and deciding on where...