Brampton West’s Jermaine Chambers Seeks PC Leader Nomination

Image source: Jermaine Chambers



The Brampton West riding has a new PC nominee candidate in the form of the hard-working Jermaine Chambers. This is Chambers’ first time running for a political position and he plans on tackling numerous issues with an agenda ranging from hydro rates to diversity. As an active member of the community since youth, he spent his days as a youth leader in church and as president of a rotary club. He then went on to pursue a long banking career.

“I’ve been a banker for the last twelve years,” says Chambers. He believes his experience has provided him with the necessary skills to understand and fix Brampton’s economic shortcomings. “I will be able to help restore the Ontario economy and that in itself will then spin off into Brampton in terms of creating the jobs that we need,” he adds.

Seeking nomination as an Ontario PC party candidate, Chambers has plans to counteract some of actions made by the current Ontario Liberal government. “Our hydro rates are going through the roof, our taxes are going through the roof,” says Chambers. He also mentions the new cap and trade system put in place currently, which have caused gas prices in Brampton to spike over the last couple of weeks.

Chambers supports the creation of a third hospital in Brampton, which he believes will have numerous benefits in the city of Brampton. “There’s no hospital in the western side of Brampton.” His idea of creating a third hospital will create what he estimates to be around 2,500 jobs with room for additional jobs in a possible new health district in Brampton West.

Jermaine also plans on creating more resources in the city with a university campus in Brampton. “The young people of Brampton should have a choice, whether they want to stay with their parents and go to school or they want to stay in the community they grow up in and go to school or if they choose to study in another area. But a growing city like Brampton needs a university in order to educate its youth population,” he says.

He adds, “It is important that we try to keep our brightest and our best minds right here in the city of Brampton. I will work with the PC government to make sure Brampton gets its fair share of the university pie,” referring to the proposal made by Ontario’s Liberals to create two new universities in Ontario with a budget of $180,000,000.

Regarding diversity, Jermaine wants to create a better Brampton West to benefit people of all backgrounds. “I bring that perspective of a Caribbean background, that’s the way I was taught and brought up, I know the culture. I would make sure that I put in place programs and policies that will not only benefit the West Indian community, but the West Indian community would benefit largely when we have a fledgling economy.”

Jermaine’s plans also include tackling the controversial carding system by creating better relations between the police and the community. He adds, “a safe community benefits everybody.”

The Brampton West PC nomination meeting which was scheduled to be held in February is now being pushed forward to late March or early April. Jermaine notes that this gives residents of Brampton West more time to learn about the candidates and make a decision. “Let this be our time to rise to the occasion and stand up to make a decision,” says Chambers.

“The nomination is open to all residents living in Brampton West,” says Jermaine. He also says this does not restrict non-citizens or temporary residents. Information about registration and updates on the nomination campaign of Jermaine Chambers can be found on his website


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