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Show your locs some love with Loc’d & Luscious

BY: DELLIA RISMAY  The natural hair movement has been gaining some serious traction in recent years, and with that has come increased popularity in natural...

Prepare for your future with World Financial Group

BY: DELLIA RISMAY  “Make sure you save money for a rainy day.” It’s advice everyone has heard before, but not necessarily advice that everyone follows....


Increasing the Intellect by Silencing the Stigma

BY: BRITTNEY CHANNER When you hear about neighbourhoods such as Jane & Finch, Dixon Towers or Lawrence Heights, what is the first thing that comes...


Five tips to make meal planning work for you!

BY: EARTHA LOWE  The best intentions to eat well won't matter if you don't have a strategy in place to help you reach your goals. You already make a commitment to cook, or at least...

Jamaican Hot Pepper Pickle

BY: EARTHA LOWE The "pepper seed" is not just part of the anatomy of wild and domesticated species of peppers that grow into remarkably diverse shapes, resembling string beans or diminutive bananas, cherry tomatoes or...

How to cook vegetable stock

BY: EARTHA LOWE You’ll love the smell of colourful vegetables and whole spices, as they’re roasted to cook a rich, brown, and nutrient-dense, heart-warming stock with. Stock is a liquid in which solids have been...

Made with Tikka Masala: Vegetarian Naan Pizza

BY: EARTHA LOWE Sauces may be the most interesting aspect of a given dish. They serve to moisten food, to enhance it, to complement it. A basic sauce might be a combination of freshly squeezed...

Keen-what? Quinoa & mango salad

BY: EARTHA LOWE   I love listening to certain family members try to pronounce the word "quinoa," or refer to it as "you know, the round rice." Quinoa is a tasty, easy-to-cook seed. It's also one...

Health & Wellness

Summer tips to keep the insurance claims away

BY: ANDREW STEWART You can feel it in the air. Retail shelves are already stocked full of beach towels, sand buckets, and sunscreen. Summer is...

Yoga’s commitment

Better Tomorrow

You will always see who is really there for you when...

BY: SIMONE JENNIFER SMITH  “I am an organization person, I believe in individuals banding together. I don’t believe in unilateral actions. Some people don’t like...
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Women Empowered

Aina-Nia Ayodele: An innovator of leadership through spirituality

BY: JELANI GRANT  Raised 7th day Adventist by her mother in Kingston, Jamaica, Sacred Women International founder Aina-Nia Ayodele said she always felt strong. “People...

Heather Phillips-Whitehead: Empowering diverse women across Canada

BY: KRISTINA RAMCHARRAN  She left the comfort of her homeland of Jamaica to study in Canada in her tender teenage years. From sunny warm skies...


How to implement the practice of vulnerable communication

BY: KEZIA ROYER-BURKETT What is vulnerable communication? The word vulnerable means a person that is in a position of being susceptible to physical or emotional...

How men subconsciously lower women’s expectations

BY: KEZIA ROYER-BURKETT The internet and social media have opened doors that can never be closed and made the world into a global community.  From...

Response to: Dating in the church gone wrong

BY: KEZIA ROYER-BURKETT Last week’s “Dating in the church gone wrong” was the most popular article I have written to date. Thank you so much...

Dating in the church gone wrong

BY: KEZIA ROYER-BURKETT I grew up going to church every Sunday with my family; it was just what we did. I always thought I would...

Determining your relationship values featuring Carole Sandy

BY: KEZIA ROYER-BURKETT Usually, this column focuses on my relationship experiences and topics related to single people, this week I have decided it was time...


A Royal Welcome at the Moon Palace Jamaica

BY: ALYSSA MAHADEO When planning a vacation one of the first things to check off the list is choosing your destination and deciding on where...