Do You Have a 407 ETR Story?


By Tammy Flores
September 24th 2014 Edition

There are three cases before the courts that are of particular interest to the group Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power. The first one being the Class Action that was filed against 407 ETR in 2012. To recap, there are three plaintiffs that have brought the action on behalf of bankrupt people that have filed their bankruptcies with 407 ETR as a creditor, have been discharged, but the company has refused to lift the Plate Denial against them for outstanding tolls, interest and fees.

The second is the Supreme Court case 407 ETR has brought about that asks the constitutional question of whether or not section 22 of the 407 Act is inoperative. The Appeal Court has said they found section 22 was in fact inoperative as it pertains to bankrupt individuals. Section 22 of the 407 Act has to do with the Plate Denial process the company has been enforcing on bankrupt individuals. That case, so far, has the Province of Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec and Saskatchewan’s Attorney Generals putting their notice of intervention in. We expect more interveners in this case, but so far no other notices have been filed.

The third is a Small Claims court case 407 ETR has brought against Ira Day for approximately $13,000.00. The group Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power has questioned the company’s move in suing Ira Day considering there are many more cases that the company claims owes much more than Ira Day’s $13,000 in tolls and fees. We have seen recent media coverage of consumers that have received bills for more than $40,000.00 after not hearing from the company for many years. Considering Ira Day’s defense is that the Limitations Act says a company has two years to collect on a delinquent account, the outcome of this case is very important in moving forward to regulate this company’s behavior with consumers.

Do you have a 407 ETR story you’d like to share? The group Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power is looking for people that have stories they want to share, good or bad with respects to 407 ETR’s billing/Plate Denial issues.

The group is making a documentary and is making a call for people to come forward with their stories. The group has found there is so much misinformation out there about this highway. The media for the most part has reported on what the issues are surrounding this highway, but has fallen short as to what can be and should be done to resolve the issues, hence the reason the group feels the need to make a documentary. The more understanding the public has about the issues, the easier it will be for the group to convince the government to act and regulate this company’s behavior with consumers.

If you would like to share your story please email, join the group on facebook OR send a message through their website


  1. I am a little concerned. I am relocating back to Canada from the USA. My license plate is still USA. I have accidently entered the 407 etr a few times. I have never seen a bill. should I be worried?


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