Diplomacy Doesn’t Work with 407 ETR

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We have heard many stories in the media whereby 407 ETR incorrectly billed people due to 407 ETR’s equipment failure. Double billing, not recording the entrance or exit and misread plates seem to be the main issues with 407 ETR’s equipment. Generally, if one of those stories hits the media, the company is very quick to save face, apologize for their mistakes and right their wrongs. But what happens when they try and charge the person the company claims actually owns the charges?

You have read about my case in the past few articles. The company refuses to prove any lawful charges occurred and feels entitled to thousands of dollars in fees and interest. No matter how much you protest that the company made mistakes and had many opportunities to make it right but didn’t, the company says you owe whatever they say you owe. That is not fair at all and I hope to find a lawyer to take these guys on once and for all.

Generally speaking, it’s a business decision whether or not to sue. It’s comes down to dollars and cents. What costs more, the bill or a legal defense? That’s why some issues should be a Class Action or you need to find a lawyer that will sue on contingency. When you are doing something that benefits the public, this is the fair way forward, but it’s difficult to find a lawyer that can handle the risks associated to this kind of a lawsuit.

In all my attempts over the years to resolve my issues with 407 ETR, the company kept giving me false information and tried to justify their behavior. They never accepted their mistakes. They never attempted to right their wrongs. They continue to keep me in Plate Denial in an effort to extort thousands of dollars that is not owed to them.

My most recent communications with 407 ETR’s internal Ombudsman’s office was short and sweet. They refused to answer any questions and just tried to brush this off like I was going to go away and just pay because they said so. Those who know me know that will never happen. This company will never receive another penny out of me… and not just because pennies don’t exist anymore. They won’t receive any money because I don’t owe them any money.

I have decided to move out of Province because I no longer want to live in a Province that prop’s up a company like this. I will then be able to own my own vehicles and put the shenanigans of this Province behind me. This is going to be my last article in the Toronto Caribbean Newspaper. I will be posting to the Stop 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power website from time to time, but this is the only way for me to win against this bully company. Thanks for reading all these years. I wish you all the best.


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