It’s all in the small things…. Or is it?



There is a strategy of life I talk about all the time, break things down into small things and it will allow you to get more things done and make progress forward. Makes sense right? Well, I was thinking about it today and I think that sometimes this is a cop out. There are times in our lives where we need to just jump right in and get wet. Kind of like the analogy when you are about to get into a body of water, don’t walk into it, run into it, dive in and embrace the water in one swoop.

So where in your life do you need to jump right in? There is probably an area in your life that you have set a goal for something in. It might be your health or your job, or even better in a love relationship. You might be single and you have had your toe dipping in the water but you are scared to take the plunge. The plunge in this scenario might be going out to meet more people, getting online, asking the person that you have been crushing on hard out on a date and the list continues.

So, I ask you “Why are you not jumping in?” Some of us are really scared that what if we actually get the things that we want. What if we actually are that great and deserve those things. What if life could be exactly how I want it? It’s a novel idea to think that if we just dove into something we might actually get what we want.

Let me tell you a story about me. I have been in a space over the last year contemplating a move, to California to be exact and I am finally doing it. I don’t know anyone there, I sold all the furniture in my place, donated a bunch of stuff, stored a few boxes and now later this week, my animals and I are taking a road trip to California. We are just getting up and leaving. It’s definitely going to be an adventure, but I literally took a huge plunge and am just going to go explore. Of course, there were some small steps involved but really I haven’t even been to California before. Kind of crazy and if you ask some people in my life, they think so too. However, imagine if we did this in the areas ofour life that matter most, that one burst of courage to make a decision and we jump all in. Kind of like skydiving… ok maybe not.

So, this week as I write this I ask you “Where in your life is it about time you take a plunge and dive in?” I think it’s time for you to try it and just see what happens, I can pretty much guarantee you will love the results and if not, I am sure you will have learned something.


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