Sifting Through the Debris

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“We gotta sift through the debris,” said my partner one chilly Saturday afternoon. It seemed so out of context for me, really. I really couldn’t figure out what he was talking about until I sat and thought about it. He was referring to life. He was referring to how life is often filled with so much extra ‘stuff’. He was referring to all of the clutter and how we have to just move our way through so that we can find the things that we are actually looking for.
Now, I consider myself to be a relatively deep woman. I mean…at least a little deep. But, this statement, from my non-self-proclaiming-deep partner really had me spinning. I know this may sound silly. Sifting is a pretty obvious necessity in 2017, but let me tell you what got me caught up.
I often, albeit unwittingly, enjoy sitting in the debris. It will float and puff around me and have my head spinning. I will have all types of words to describe the debris…I’ll even be able to make the debris look interesting and perhaps powerful. Nonetheless, though, I will get myself all worked up and be unable to see through all of the craziness. (By the way…debris is synonymous with busyness/craziness/clutter).
After I realized what he was talking about, I got offended…another dangerous sin that I am working on releasing. I felt as though he was telling me that I was a mess and needed to ‘clean up’. But, here’s the best part…I was a mess! I needed to declutter my mind. I needed to sift through the debris! And, I am speaking in the past tense but also remembering that this is an ongoing decluttering. A one-time clean is just not going to cut it.
The elders often say to make sure that you take at least one vacation per year. They say it will help you recharge and go better and harder throughout the year because you have had some rest. I didn’t believe them for the longest time. I really thought that my hustle had to be 365 days out of the year. But, my partner’s comment brought their wisdom full circle.
In many words, all necessary, I have spoken about the idea of taking a break and cleaning up the clutter. What I have not spoken on is the idea surrounding one feeling worthy of taking a break or having a decluttered mind. Truly, it’s a thing!
Before I could accept the idea that I needed to take a break, I really had to allow myself to do so. What with motherhood-guilt, entrepreneur-guilt and just plain human-guilt, I just couldn’t let it go for a little while.
And then…I just let it go! I just made the conscious choice to say, “I am taking a break! I am cleaning up my clutter!”
If you are reading this…just let it go. Take a break. Recharge. Sift through the debris.
You’ll be better for it…and so will everyone else!
Peace and blessings


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