Brushes, Brushes, and more Brushes!

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Makeup cannot create beauty but if done properly it can certainly enhance the appeal of your naturally beautiful features. Proper makeup application depends on the brushes that you use, and I’m going to share with you the basic essential brushes needed for a full-face application. If you’re just now getting into makeup, you may not know which brushes are necessary or which ones are worth investing in.  Whether you purchase inexpensive drugstore brushes that still work great or invest in high-quality expensive ones is completely up to you.  

We’re going to start at the top with the eyes, for a basic eyeshadow look you can get away with only using two brushes. The first brush is the shadow brush which packs shadow onto the lid, this brush is usually flat and compact making it easier to apply shadows to the lid and inner corner of the eye. You can also use the tip of this brush to apply shadow to your lower lids as well. The second brush is the blending brush, this brush, in my opinion, is the most important as it blends out sharp lines and helps your shadows integrate more seamlessly. This is a fluffier, softer brush than the shadow brush. Smaller versions of this brush, which is then called a crease brush, is more tapered and is used to place shadow in the crease or socket.

Moving on to the face, there are three essential brushes you need to achieve a flawless face. The first being the foundation brush, there are different ways to apply foundation to the face brushes being the most used; the flat foundation brush, which looks like a small paint brush is used for heavier makeup applications. Another is called a stippling brush; the bristles of this brush should be stiff to avoid streaking and allows for an airbrush natural finish. (this brush is best used with liquid foundations). Some people like to use these two brushes together, they first use the flat brush to apply the foundation then use the stippling brush to blend it out. The last is not a brush but I feel is as important and that is the beauty blender.

The beauty blender is a makeup sponge that is used to blend out the foundation, concealer or cream blushes. The type of foundation brush you use depends on the desired look you’re trying to achieve. Second is the angled face brush or blush brush, this brushed is used to apply blush, contour, and bronzer. This brush won’t pick up a lot of colours and allows for easier product application to the cheekbones. The angled design allows it to fit nicely into the contours of your face giving you a natural blush look.

The third face brush I feel is important to have is the powder brush, this brush is usually big and fluffy and is used to blend together the makeup you’ve already applied perfectly, it is also used to set your makeup. This brush can also be used to apply blush to the cheeks as well. For those looking for quality inexpensive brushes, I recommend the brands Real Technique, which can be found at Walmart or online, and BH Cosmetics. These are great choices to get you started on your makeup journey.

Having these essential brushes on hand and with lots of practice on how to use them, your makeup will look beautiful with every application. Not only is it important knowing how to use these brushes properly but proper care and maintenance of your brushes is also equally as important to achieving a flawless face. It is important to thoroughly clean your brushes at least once a week to keep them in good condition and free from bacteria. This is just an introduction to makeup brushes, the more you practice your art the more brushes you will be exposed to. Happy practicing.


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