BUSINESS: 5 Things You Can’t Live Without In Business


By Tina Dietz
October 9th, 2013 Edition

Four generations worth of business ups and downs have given me a wealth of what works and what doesn’t work in building a successful business. Being a therapist taught me that the best business idea in the world is worthless without the right habits and mindset to bring that gorgeous idea into reality. Here’s my 5 lightning in a bottle, must have, can’t live without, and prioritize NOW items that you’ve just got to cultivate to have a successful business.

1. Take time every morning before you begin work for a “checkup from the neck up.” Giving yourself just 10 minutes to review what you accomplished the day before, what you’re grateful for, and the top items you’re working on today will give you flow and focus to your day.

2. Expect to spend a minimum of 25% of your business time in marketing activities, more if you’re just getting started. You can have the best product or give the best message around, but it won’t make any difference if no one can find you! If you have to choose between having conversations or doing online or direct mail marketing, choose the live event because trust is built the fastest with handshakes and conversations, not ads

3. Develop a “teflon coating.” People always have opinions and they always will. Find the contribution in people’s feedback, (sometimes you have to look reeeeealy hard, but it’s there) and at the same time stand true to yourself. Remember that what people say is rarely, if ever, personal–even if it really seems like it is.

4. Keep good client files–and USE THEM. Taking the time to remember your clients’ preferences such as a particular lotion or their favorite music goes a long way towards building both referral and repeat clients. Send them a thank you card after their first appointment. Send them a birthday card with a coupon. Ask them how little Jeffy or Julia is doing in hockey or dance class, etc. Your client files can be used for personal details just as much as keeping track of how their bodies are doing.

5. Keep your creativity fresh and limber. Stretch your mind as well as your body. Check out a new class or a video of some kind on a weekly or at least monthly basis on a topic that interests you whether its massage related or not. Keep your creative juices flowing with fresh ideas for your business and your clients, and it will come through in your work and keep you rejuvenated!


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