BUSINESS: Instagram Your Business


By Julie Rambali
September 25th, 2013 Edition

Over the past two and a half years, Instagram has become a community where you can capture and share the world’s moments simply and beautifully. This social media phenomenon has taken the world by storm in such a short period of time with over 150 million active users, 16 billion photos shared in total, 1.2 billion likes, and 55 million photos shared every day. Instagram is still fairly new so if you’re wondering what in the world is Instagram then keep reading and enjoy.

Instagram is an online photo sharing, now video sharing, and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, apply cool digital filters to them, and share them on a variety of social networking services like Facebook and Twitter as well. It’s a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Take a photo with your mobile phone, and then choose a filter to transform the photo into a memory to keep around forever. The best part is the application is free of charge to download and start using immediately on your Smartphone. You can also use it on your computer but it’s more conveniently used by mobile users.

It was always assumed that taking interesting photos required a big bulky camera and a couple of tutorials of Photoshop but as the quality of mobile cameras increased, they decided to challenge that assumption and created Instagram to solve 3 simple problems: 1) Mobile photos always come out mediocre so Instagram’s awesome looking filters transform your photos and make them look professional. 2) Sharing on multiple platforms can be a pain so Instagram takes the photo just once, then gives you the option to share it on multiple social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. 3) Most uploading experiences are clumsy and can take forever but Instagram has optimized the experience to be fast and efficient.

So how can Instagram assist in marketing your business if it seems to be more of a personal life experience? Simple. Personalize your business for your potential customers. Social media allows businesses to get closer to their potential customers by breaking down office building barriers. Take advantage of this vast social media networking service and start sharing photos of your products/services and even add a few photos in there of your personal life experiences to further humanize your business and not make it seem like you’re constantly marketing and advertising your business. There’s no need to put all of your personal life out there but just enough to show a personal side of your business in order to connect with your potential customers.

Instagram was built to allow you to experience moments in your lives through pictures as they happen. Imagine a world more connected through photos. If you’re finding it a challenge to keep up with all the social media networking services out there, hire social media agents who work from home and can easily assist you or do it yourself and stay updated with the beauty of technology. – Instagram


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