Four Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent

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Selling your home isn’t just a property transaction. It’s a huge life event that demands smart planning. Unfortunately, the real estate market is unfamiliar territory for many homeowners.

Working with a real estate professional who is experienced and trustworthy is the best way to sell or buy your home, but you can’t just rely on the first real estate agent you meet.  I recommend interviewing any potential real estate agent you are thinking of hiring. Here are four essential questions you should ask your real estate agent before trusting them with this life-changing affair.

What Are Your Credentials? Think of this like a job interview. You’d want to know that an employee had the necessary skills before you hired them and the same goes for your real estate agent. Your broker ought to be experienced, professional and trustworthy. In my opinion, they should: Have a website where you can view their work, maintain a license in good standing, have successfully sold homes in your area in the past, work as a full-time real estate agent, possess references you can contact and be educated above and beyond the minimum license requirements.

Will You Stage My Home? Home staging is the process of getting a home ready to sell. It may include improving kitchens, bathrooms and other areas that increase appeal.

Sellers should stage their homes so that they look appealing to the majority of potential buyers. Real estate agents who provide staging services, including furniture and accessories are better equipped to portray your property in the best possible light. They also understand which improvements contribute to heightened sale prices and less time on the market.

How Will You Market My Property? Staging isn’t the only essential aspect of preparing a home for buyer attention. Your real estate agent should have a marketing plan that reaches out to online and traditional buyers.

Methods vary, but many effective advertising plans incorporate professional photos and walk-through videos, intelligent write-ups and open houses. Remember that you’re not simply looking for an agent who produces all of these materials but rather one who uses them effectively to create a polished representation of your home.

Can You Walk Me Through the Listing and Selling Process? One solid test of a real estate agent’s knowledge is whether they can explain what goes into selling your home. Asking for this clarification is also a great way to remove some of the mystery and increase your own confidence.

You’ve invested a lot in your home, so shouldn’t your real estate agent be equally invested in selling it?


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