Wedding in Paradise

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Tis the season to be jolly and spread the holiday cheer. As we embark on yet another holiday season we start to feel closer to our loved ones and are in the mood for giving.  According to a survey of 1,131 brides sponsored by the Fairchild Bridal Group, November and December account for 26% of marriage proposals. The wedding business seems to be expanding year over year. With nearly 2.1 million couples expected to tie the knot this year with the cost of the average affair ballooning to $26,327.

The first thing a bride thinks about when she gets engaged is when will we tie the knot. Then a dose of reality kicks in and they start to think about all the aspects of the wedding like budget, venue and the guest list. If you have family overseas you also start to consider who from overseas will be able to make it to the wedding. As we’ve all heard “it’s easier for you to come here than for me to come there”.  The couple will dive deeper into planning mode and may start to consider a destination wedding. Think about all the weddings that will take place this year. One in every four will be a destination wedding. It could be a phenomenal experience and may even be easier than you think.

The following are just a few tips to keep in mind if you choose to plan that wedding in paradise on the beach.

Hire a destination wedding specialist.

You want to contact a destination wedding specialist to help you with the planning as soon as you decide. You will find that having the expertise, local connections, the advice and guidance you can receive will be invaluable. Your wedding specialist can help you with things like:

-Choosing the right season and location based on the weather

-Finding the ideal beach for your wedding ceremony

-Destination rules and regulations for marriage ceremonies

-Wedding officiant

-Venue for the reception

-Help with requirements for getting a marriage license

-Assist with vendor evaluation and selection

-Any other arrangements needed for your wedding

-Spread the word with advance notice

You want to extend the courtesy of letting your family and friends know the date for your destination wedding as soon as it is set. So that they will have the time needed to make their attendance at your wedding possible. This will give your guests enough time to accommodate your wedding into their budgets and ensure that they will meet visa and passport requirements.

Set your budget

Almost anything is possible when it comes to having your wedding on the beach and you are only limited by your imagination and the amount of money you want to spend. You can have a fantastic destination wedding that costs anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000. Sometimes your wedding may even be free depending on where you choose to vacation.

The key to a magical destination wedding planning experience is to have it be a stress free time while celebrating your love for one another. You will even have the ease of starting your honeymoon the minute you say I do and your guests will get to start their vacation.

There are other areas to consider when it comes to planning a destination wedding and this is where a specialist can help. If you happen to be one the lucky couples to get engaged over the holidays and decide to embark on the wedding planning process, do consider a destination wedding. The possibilities are endless and it will allow you to turn your nuptial dreams into a reality all while being engulfed in paradise on a beautiful beach.


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