A Dramatic Tropical Rescue— Based on a true story


By Olivia Boodram

Imagine this: You are deep in the jungles of Malaysia, when you’re suddenly gripped by nausea. You start sweating profusely, and it’s not from the heat. Horrified, you slip into unconsciousness…and when you awaken you are in a tropical clinic looking into the eyes of a doctor.

Some time ago, this happened to one of our clients, Clara. The outcome could have been far worse had she not purchased travel insurance. Even in this remote, exotic place, our assistance company, One World Assist (OWA) was there to help her. Here’s how.

Once Clara fell unconscious, her desperate travelling companion stayed with her while the tour guide was able to transport Clara to the nearest medical facility in the region.  Her companion then found a phone and contacted OWA. Our experts quickly realized Clara’s life was at risk and arranged for evacuation. They set up ground transportation and multiple air transfers to get her to an appropriate medical care facility in Kuala Lumpur. The journey took 24 hours! Once at the hospital, Clara was stabilized until she was able to be evacuated by air to Canada to start her recovery.

This adventure illustrates that travel insurance is nothing without quality service. After all, what good is a policy without experienced professionals to coordinate care in the event of an emergency, no matter where you may be located in the world?

However, not all care is created equal. While OWA would have paid the claim to the local doctor if needed, they went the extra mile, making sure Clara got the appropriate care no matter what it took.

Travel insurance protection is about more than just money. With Travel Underwriters, travel insurance protection, you can trust that you will receive the best possible care even if your travels take to you to the most remote and obscure destinations – whether inner city or inner jungle.

Information provided by our partner, Travel Underwriters – blog.travelunderwriters.com


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