All Talk, No Action! 8 Reasons why people don’t take action



I am actually writing this article around the time of the provincial election. By the time that you all read this, we will have a new premier, and one of two things will be occurring in your head: You will be pleased with yourself because you took action, and actually went out to vote, or you are pissed because you think that the people in power are going to just take you for another ride. Same old bullshit!

Well this week, I am going to educate many of you on the reasons why we complain moreand act less. As usual, this is more psychological than many of you may believe. I have taken it upon myself to really start focusing on the psychology of my community and teaching them the importance of learning self in this world. Alright now; here we go! Top 8 reasons why people don’t take action!

  1. You are unable to form your own opinions

So, many of us fall victim to the opinion of others. For many of us, we have to make a lot of decisions in our day to day, and sometimes instead of forming an opinion, especially about something as important as the governance of your community, you fall back on what you have heard, and do not take the time to research so that you can form your own opinion.

  1. You friends are unable to form independent opinions

You see, this is the danger of having certain friends around you. It is our psychology to hang around individuals who: think like us, act like us, believe what we believe, and live the lifestyle that we live. Now, this is all in well if the people around you are productive, but we never seem to take in when the people around us are inactive and are not encouraging you to do more. This can be our Achilles heel, and if we are not careful, we will remain inactive in all areas of our life.

  1. It is so much easier to follow the norm!

Why think when you don’t have to right? That is correct, for some. There are leaders and then there are followers. Followers get a bad reputation, but really and truly, if the leader is great, they can promote action. So, it might be time to look at your norms. Is your norm to be inactive and not challenge your own thoughts and beliefs? Is this something that you witness daily?

4.  You don’t think you are qualified to make certain decisions!

Some people really do not have self-worth. They truly believe that they are not capable of making decisions for their own well being. This is sadbecause it ends up that others are making the decisions for you, and you spend the rest of your time regretting decisions that are not your own. Have some confidence in your ability to do more.

  1. You just can’t be bothered!

Unfortunately, there are those people who just don’t give a damn. They are happy with their complaisant lifestyle and would rather play the victim. Yep! You know who you are out there.

  1. “There is NO way this idea is going to work!”

Again, lack of confidence can be an action killer. Some people just don’t believe in themselves enough to do what needs to be done to make their lives better. Again, they would rather stay on the sidelines and complain, instead of being bold, and venturing into the land of ambition.

  1. It is too late!

It is never too late to take action. You have to believe in what you are capable of, and don’t limit yourself to what you have already done in your life.

  1. “I just can’t get over what happened last time!” Reliving the negative!

This last one is the most common that I have witnessed. It is so hard to get past the negative in life, and many of us get stuck. Unfortunately, the only way to see if things will change is if you do something different. Staying frozen in time will only help you produce what was found atthat time.

Toronto! I see more for you! Take the time to go over this list and really start critiquing yourself; in what ways are you hindering yourself? Time to take ACTION!


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