Are You Awake or Asleep?

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Spiritual awakening is a term that is commonly used these days amongst those choosing to explore and walk their spiritual path.  By using the term awake it leads many of us to feel that if we are not spiritually awake or enlightened then we must be asleep or in the dark. Is it that cut and dry? How is awakeness measured and by whom?

Spiritual awakening could be compared to an infant learning to walk.  There are many variables involved including physiology, guidance, environment as well as a readiness and willingness to learn, to name a few. The child’s caregiver may begin holding them upright, placing them in a jumper or other device that could promote leg strengthening. They may have a piece of furniture that supports them and allows them to practice more. One infant may have more encouraging or active parents as role models. Another may be physically in better health than another. At the end of the day, we rarely turn to an infant and say the other baby is further ahead, why aren’t you?

It’s important to recognize that we all evolve and develop on all levels including spirituality at a different pace. There is no right or wrong way, or time frame to develop your spiritual awakeness, which I would like to suggest going forward we call spiritual awareness. Awareness can come about from thoughts, questions and activities that promote and create self-introspection.  Meditation is a popular activity to create deeper self-awareness. During meditation, you can seek enlightenment and guidance without the requirement to instantly receive “answers”.  Following meditation, pay attention to signs, ideas and gut feelings that come your way.  

Paying attention in general to what brings you a negative feeling and what generates a positive feeling will lead you closer to increased awareness.  By knowing what does and doesn’t feel good to you, you can begin to choose from that awareness leading you to experiences that are more fulfilling and more aligned with your higher self.

Spiritual awakeness or awareness is more to do with a reconnecting to inner knowledge and an inner knowing that you already possess. It is less about learning more, or becoming more educated.  While reading a book, listening to a podcast, or attending a workshop may lead you towards this pre-possessed knowledge it is not responsible for your evolution.

Upon gaining new awareness you may experience a shift in your thinking, feelings and even physically in your being and body. When we become more aware, it changes the energy of our spiritual being, leaving our mind and body in the old state. Generally speaking, your mind will shift after your spirit and the body follows last. This can lead to physical symptoms of fatigue, muscle ache, poor mental focus and appetite changes to name a few. During this time, be sure to take extra care and nurture yourself with healthy, comforting foods and plenty of rest. If you are spiritually asleep, it’s time to awaken your awareness.



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