Are You Ready to Be Ready?

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As members of an, ask and receive universe, we are constantly creating what we experience in our lives. The universe responds to our energy, our thoughts and our vibes. It doesn’t judge, it doesn’t have feelings, it simply responds to what we are sending out and responds. Many people will look at a situation and say the universe is testing them. Unfortunately, this is not true.  At the risk of sounding repetitive, the universe is simply matching and responding the vibe and energy that you are putting out.

This is why many people subscribe to the “fake it til you make it” theory. As the universe is not judging, evaluating, analyzing anything or deciding if you are a good or bad person, it is delivering experiences to match the vibes you are sending out regardless of their authenticity or sincerity. That said, while we may be able to attract and attain or create a situation, experience or result, it will be challenging to sustain and maintain.

So, while we may feel we are ready for the thing we desire and may actually attract and bring it into our lives, if we are not ready to be ready we will find it challenging to hang onto. This theory may be confusing for some, so allow me to break it down. Say for instance you have been single for some time, and you feel you are ready to be in a relationship again, from that desire you may attract a romantic partner into your life. If you do not prepare and ready yourself to be in a relationship and navigate your way through all the changes you may experience, you may likely find that you cannot sustain the relationship.

In getting ready to be ready, you are encouraged to anticipate all the changes that are desired and required in order to transition from becoming “ME” to “WE”.  You want to start to prepare yourself not only for dinners together, movie nights, cuddles or passionate sex in bed but for the flip side as well. You want to start to prepare yourself for nights when you both don’t want to eat the same thing, date nights where you both can’t agree on a movie or feeling a little aroused only to find your partner fast asleep in bed. You want to prepare for how finances are going to be split, whether you both desire to have children if you don’t, how to parent children, how chores are delegated between you two.

You see, often we are so focused on our decision to have a partner of something else in our life, that we forget to prepare ourselves for that wish coming through and how we will handle both the ups and downs of it happening. The advice around this type of situation is to rise in the morning and begin the day with a clear picture of what it is you desire to continue or create in your life and get ready to be ready. 


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