Are You Speaking Your Truth?

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As an intuitive, healer and coach, one of the most common things I have seen over the years in my practice is people who are challenged with speaking their truth. Are they liars? No, they are just not comfortable with potentially upsetting those around them and having to deal with confrontation.

When do we stop telling the truth? Usually, we are taught somewhere between the ages of three and five, that we are not to speak our truth. I can recall being with my nephew when he was three years old in a store. We were standing behind a man who had appeared to be working in a physical labor job. It was summer and as a result, he had a very strong scent of perspiration that may not be pleasing to many noses. My nephew decided to shout out, “pee-ew, he’s stinky”.

Needless to say I wanted to disappear into the floor and quickly reprimanded him for pointing out the truth. Children are innocent and speak the truth until they are taught otherwise, thus leading us to grow up holding back our truths. In addition to this, some of us have been and are being taught that their opinions are worthless or unwelcomed. As a result, we learn to keep our mouths shut. On a spiritual level, this can cause issues with our throat chakra and possibly creating health issues such as thyroid problems and throat tumors.

Crystal healing and color therapy can be highly effective in these cases. The color associated with the throat chakra and your voice is blue. Some of the healing crystals you can use to restore balance to your throat chakra are turquoise, sodalite and lapis lazuli. Wearing the color blue can also be helpful.

Sometimes we don’t recognize that we are not speaking our truth. One of the tools used in Access Consciousness is to say the word “truth” before asking ourselves or others a question. I can remember a colleague of mine who used this tool during a small claims court battle. When the judge posed the question the other party in the case, she uttered the word truth in her head. The person she was in the dispute with suddenly became agitated and flustered when answering and ultimately had a meltdown. The judge decided in my colleague’s favor.

If you want to know how you feel about something or want to make a decision, you can say “truth”, and then ask yourself a question and it will instruct your subconscious to answer truthfully. By living in our truths, we experience a lighter energy in our beings.

While we may fear the consequences of the truth, the energy of a lie, whether you are aware of it or not, will definitely have a negative impact on you. Start by reassuring yourself that it is safe for you to speak your truth. Speaking your truth will keep you feeling light and free, trust me, it’s my truth.


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