Best Design Elements in Homes Today

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Trends in home design are always changing and the real estate market is rich with homes that feature many of the latest options. If you’re interested in buying a home or renovating your existing home, this article is meant to inspire.

Open Floor Plans: Walled rooms are slowly being replaced by open design concepts. Rather than walls, more home designers are using things like a change in levels or color to define spaces. If you choose a home where this concept is applied all throughout the house, the entire building will feel bigger.

Large Windows: Not only do big windows allow plenty of natural light to enter the home, but they also provide you with a view of the great outdoors. Whether you live in the woods or simply love admiring the hard work you’ve put into the garden, you’ll never regret having large windows in your home.

Two-toned Cabinets: This is a new trend that hasn’t really been seen before. The idea is to choose a lighter color for the upper cabinets, which creates a clean, airy feel. For the lower cabinets, deeper tones and wood shades add a hearty, earthy balance. This may sound strange if you’ve never seen it applied, but it results in an interesting look that sums up what a kitchen is all about: blending various elements to create something new.

Use of Metals: In 2016, we began seeing metals used in a variety of home design applications. Lighting, bathtubs and even accent walls are all showing off their metallic sides. Another fun trend is colored stainless steel appliances for kitchens. Choosing brown or green steel in favor of the traditional chrome variety will give your home an entirely individual look.

Health Conscious Homes: These days, far more consumers are taking the time to consider their effect on the environment as a whole as well as their immediate environment’s effect on them. Due to this concern, we’re seeing a lot more home design elements that focus on health and sustainability. Homes are being designed with VOC free paint, cork flooring and other features that promote well-being.

If you’re interested in purchasing a home with some of these design themes, an experienced real estate agent can help.


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