Blessings in Disguise

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If you’re like me, you have probably had someone utter the sentence “it’s likely a blessing in disguise”.  Like me, in that moment you likely thought it was an insensitive load of crap. The thing is, when I look back at many of those blessings in disguise, eventually the disguise was lifted. The circumstances surrounding disguised blessings are usually unfavourable at the time.  They don’t look or feel good when we are experiencing them.  They tend to prompt questions like, “why me?” or “why is this happening?”

From a spiritual perspective, disguised blessings are usually brought forth to redirect you to something greater. Think of a past relationship that failed before meeting the love of your life. Think back to when you or someone you know lost a job or got fired only to then find their dream job or start a business that stems from their passion. Maybe it’s the time you missed a bus, train or plane that saved your life.

I can remember back to a time when I was traveling overseas and we missed our plane. Turned out the exact plane we were supposed to be on crashed due to mechanical failure two weeks later. At the time of the initial delay, I could not see the silver lining in the clouds. I was solely focused on the delay of our trip, having to stay in the transit city for three days and the lost time at our final destination.  After hearing of the plane crash, I was definitely singing another tune and clearly seeing the silver lining, in fact the clouds were now replaced by rainbows.  I definitely felt grateful after missing the crashed plane.

The Powers that Be, Source, the Universe or God, however you may refer to it are aware of the best possible outcome for your desires. They align things to spare you the grief, frustration and create the possibility of what you truly desire.  They conspire to bring this desire to you in the most optimal way to bring you the best possible outcome.

After reading this article, you will find yourself in a pattern in the near future, where something goes awry.  As mentioned above, you may not see the blessing in the beginning, middle or even the end of the situation. While circumstances during this time may not be ideal, remind yourself to check in with what you know to be true and what you truly desire and then bring yourself to a space of faith and trust that it will all work out.  Remind yourself that you are being directed to something greater.

It can be difficult to have to file something in the “not meant to be” file.  It can often leave you feeling discouraged and hopeless. Trusting is a powerful skill to possess and one that can require practice.  Having trust indicates to the Universe that you are expecting things to work out in your favour. It is key to removing the disguises from your blessings.


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