BUSINESS: Creating a Free Personal Assistant for Your Business Part II


By Tina Dietz
January 1st, 2014 Edition

Now that you have your “assistant” set up to take dictation for you and handle writing emails, texts, articles, etc…what else can we have your phone do?

Let’s have your phone clean up your desk and follow up with contacts after networking events. Yep, we can do that!

Data entry and email are two BIG “time vampires” in business development. While necessary, the more time we spend on administration the less time we’re spending connecting with potential or current clients, building our platforms, getting out into the media, spending time with our families, taking a much needed nap, or any other things that WE’D RATHER BEING DOING THAN DATA ENTRY!

Whew. Clearly, I’m not a fan of data entry. It doesn’t exist in my Perfect Day. So how to minimize contact management, data entry, and networking followup?

I love Card Munch.

LinkedIn has a free app (iPhone or Android) called Card Munch that allowed me to get rid of a pile of business cards more than 150 cards high and expand my network by 300 people in less than 30 minutes.

Now assuming that you have a LinkedIn account (and if you don’t, go get one!), go ahead and get the free LinkedIn app for your phone and log into it. Then get the Card Munch app.

How does it work? Open Card Munch and take a photo of each business card. LinkedIn transcribes each card and when it’s ready you can…

– Send a LinkedIn invitation to that contact (with one tap)
– Save the contact to your phone (with one tap)

Suddenly, you’re a networking maven!

Part III of this series shows you how to take your phone personal assistant even further and create a customer referral and appreciation system right on your phone!

Give it a try, and let’s talk streamlining, automation, and time freedom on the Blog. What’s shakin’?


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