BUSINESS: How to be a Money Detective


By Tina Dietz
August 14th, 2013 Edition

“More money” is one of the first things I hear in my coaching sessions and classes when I ask “what are your goals?” It almost goes without saying that in business we want to bring in more income, and dealing with money also is one of the areas that people are so resistant to facing. The majority of the time it’s easier for people to share about their families, their ailments, or even their sex life than it is to have a straightforward conversation about money!

Whether we like it or not, we have a long history with money and we also have a relationship with money. No matter the state of that relationship though, you can be a “money detective” and begin to investigate where your relationship with money is strong and where you have challenges. Just like any other relationship, you can nurture and improve how you interact with money no matter where you are right now, and the first step is simply allowing yourself to “go there.”

We use money as an excuse to do or not do things all the time. It’s a reason to stop ourselves in our businesses, with our health, our enjoyment of life, and even an excuse to feel certain ways—for example, “if I just was debt-free, I could relax.” But, as you’ve probably heard before…it’s never really about the money. If money were a person, what would your relationship be like? Would money want to hang around with you, or are you always saying nasty things behind money’s back? If you want to start to uncover what your relationship is really like, then write a letter to money and say everything you’ve ever wanted to say and clear the air!

There are some very common “red flags” that let you know that your relationship with money is impacting you and could use some attention, and these are great places to look (with compassion please!) at yourself. These can include having chronic debt, staying stuck in toxic relationships, putting your dreams on hold, not allowing support, being jealous or resentful of what others have, and self-sabotaging behaviors.

Shifting our relationship with money begins with just getting present to “what is so.” These are the clues to unlocking our relationship with money and unraveling what might, up until now, have seemed like a mystery.

Tina Dietz MS, NCC is an international business development maven and the inventor of the Success Funnel System™. With a mission to ignite 10,000 Thriving Businesses, Tina has coached and consulted with clients in more than 20 industries from solo entrepreneurs to the corporate level, and she speaks to groups from 20-20,000 on how to break through the barriers that keep you from achieving success, optimal performance, and leadership in business and life.


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