BUSINESS: Leadership is Available!


By Jim Pagiamtzis
July 31st, 2013 Edition

Leaders are made, not born. We are all on a journey toward greatness, and it’s the choices we make that define us.

In 2003 I made the choice to seek out ways to improve in business, life, and success. Years later I realized that I had evolved into a great leader, inspiring and empowering many professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

In 2008 I had the opportunity to meet and learn from Brian Klemmer at a Champion’s Workshop in Toronto. It was a memorable day, learning from such an accomplished leader who had trained thousands to reach their success. He shared his insights through powerful lessons, and engaging experiential learning exercises on how the game of life is played.

We all wear different lenses as we go through life. As we venture through our journey, we come to realize that we go through many transformations, which change our life lenses. We make the choice to evolve and improve by reading or listening to great books, attending seminars, and choosing who we associate with.

We have the power to make choices. We attract mentors who share their wisdom, pushing us to become better leaders, and to affect others in the same way.
Leadership comes with great responsibility

In life you will meet people who will give you the answers you are looking for, to help you become a successful leader. Take this information with courage, dignity, and responsibility, and learn the way of leadership. In due time, it will be your turn to teach future leaders; the responsibility of empowering and encouraging them to succeed in their endeavors.

Apply these principles, and you will find yourself in the leadership role, and being the example to others, in your journey of success.
Brian Klemmer has written many books, where his legacy continues. The Compassionate Samurai is a powerful read with great insights into the many facets of leadership.


  1. Life is full of journeys, however the leadership is a role that only a few can fall into.

    I really enjoyed this write up.


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