Canadian Reggae Icon Nana McLean Drops new single

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Canada’s queen of reggae Nana McLean released a brand new single titled “This Here Kind of Loving”. The Juno award winning artist talked about the making of her new single and her upcoming ventures for 2017.

“With everything that is going on, I believe in one love, I believe in universal love,” says McLean on the inspiration behind the lyrics of her new song. She also says she wants to use her music to spread positivity.

Her favourite part of the song making process is creating melodies. “My passion for making melodies, I just listen to the rhythm and make melodies. And you think about the love you want to share.” The song creation process for her new single was not a solo effort at all, in fact it was a family affair.

Nana worked on the song with both of her daughters, with one of them writing the lyrics, and the other featured as a rapper on the track. “My daughter was a part of it,” she says, confirming her daughter Tanisha being featured on the song. “It’s amazing, she raps! You know what, she’s such a great singer, and for some reason, she does what her heart tells her to do,” says Nana on her daughter’s choice of using rap to convey messages.

McLean goes on about breaking down the process of creating this song and justifies that it is indeed a family affair. “My other daughter would write, she’s very good at writing the lyrics and putting it together, and I am the melody maker and then this one raps the lyrics.”

She also credits her family and friends that support her for being her inspirations. “I give thanks to the people that surround me,” says McLean. She also looks forward to bringing the family collaboration to the stage in the future. “I would love for me and her to perform the song somewhere along the line.”

With two upcoming shows, one at the Rose Theatre in Brampton and the other at the Opera House in Toronto, Nana already has a busy start to 2017. The shows are a Tribute to the Legends concert series, described as a ‘rocumentary’ paying homage to some of the biggest names in reggae music. “Just looking and thinking about it, and seeing how much these legends contribute to the reggae industry, it’s been a pleasure and a pride for me to get up there and pay a tribute to these people.” But it isn’t going to entirely be about the legends, as Nana ensures she is going to put her spin on things. “I’m going to put a little piece of me in there regardless.”

The new single is just the beginning for Nana, as she plans to release an album this year. “The album is entitled Nana Now,” says McLean. “It’s going to be very soon, sooner than we think.” She also tells us the album features collaborations with various artists. She plans to follow her album release with a tour.

One of her career highlights include winning a Juno for Reggae Recording of the Year in 1997. “That was amazing, the feeling was so different. You know you’re seeing stuff and sometimes you’re doing stuff and you’re looking at other people receiving and doing stuff, and you go wow that’s amazing. But when it comes down to you, it’s shocking, because you’re trying to figure ‘hey is that me?’”. Nana has also had two other Juno nominations.

She also says reggae music has a mission and that she enjoys spreading it like she does in her new single. “Reggae music is all about the love and spreading the word,” says Nana. “We are going to get in the move because it is a movement.”

McLean also does not forget to spread love to her fans and thanks them for their continuous support. “Music is love, but we’re talking about reggae music right now, so I’m going to say please support the reggae acts around, let’s do it, let’s make it work and listen to the positive music.” Catch Nana McLean’s upcoming show at the Rose Theatre on February 21. Her new single “Dis Here Kinda Lovin” is now available for download and online streaming on many popular music platforms.


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