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I usually start by asking you something, a question to get you thinking about the day’s topic. I don’t want to do that, today, because I am looking at things differently. I know about branding and marketing and remaining consistent with anything that people are ingesting with their eyes and ears. The consistency builds momentum and expectation and space for others to know what I am offering. But, then, there has been a nagging thought that has come over me, that “plateaus”, though they appear neutral, they are not…nothing is neutral. These plateaus are the spaces in our lives where, when, why we become complacent and dissatisfied. These “plateaus” remind me that there is always time and need for change.

Today’s topic is about seeing and choosing growth differently than ever before. Over the past few years, the rhetoric surrounding change and growth and success has always been that of, “GO HARD”. I know in previous articles, I have written about working hard before you are able to work smart. I still stand by that. Working hard is the basis of all success. I just wonder if there is a way to do it differently than beating ourselves up over it. If, when the “plateaus” arrive, we can shift through them, perhaps, not aggressively but in a way that will yield results and not alienate us in the process.

My thought here is that when we are in a lull in life, we often either go so hard at what we want that we forget other important pieces of life, or we quit and give up. I am pondering if there may just be other options.

Ultimately, I am referring to shifting our paradigms. I know I talk about this all the time, but it is where I continuously learn the greatest lessons. Paradigms are the ways in which we see our world, our lives, each individual moment and circumstance. If we could shift the way we see one thing in our lives, there are a multitude of things that could change.

So, I am shifting my paradigms about the “plateaus” or the lulls. I am choosing to see them as stepping stones that I must use to help me climb higher in this figurative game called life. I choose to see those “stepping stones” as mechanisms that help me, push me, give me a rest and send me back out there.

I know right now you’re wondering, why did I just read this? Why have I taken the time to read how another person is going to see things? You read it and you keep reading it because you know you can see things in your life differently. You know that you can look at something, anything and decide that it doesn’t mean what it once meant. It is not as bad, or it is worse than you thought. You keep reading because you know that there is someone out there, as crazy as she sounds, that is being vulnerable and honest and is sharing pieces of herself that sound and feel just like you…it’s alluring

Nonetheless, I wrote this piece because I know that things are changing. I know that if things are changing then we must, too. Forget about the “otherwise” part of it. It is essential that we choose a different way of thinking, that we shift our paradigms to allow for more or take away more from our lives. We have to not only roll with the punches, but perhaps, throw some of our own!

I leave you with this; what is the “plateau” in your life, and how could you change the trajectory on how you view it.

Send me an email; I’d honestly like to know.

Peace and blessings


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