Greatness In The Moment, Celebrating Wins

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It’s all about the small things. Have you ever heard that saying before? 

We move through life consistently every single day. Our time is spent in numerous ways whether it be in our jobs, in our businesses, in our relationships, in our family life and some days it just all goes by so fast. Have you ever forgotten to take a look around us and see how far you’ve come?  It’s those moments and all the small moments in life that equal up to the big things that we’re achieving or moving through. Sometimes I think as people we forget to take a look around or to stand inside of the space and celebrate all the small things, all those small wins. 

It could be waking up in the morning and that first breathe of fresh air, to landing that contract, to making the phone call that you were scared to make. All of those small moments that we get to move forward in. Sometimes I think that we forget to celebrate the small stuff. To bring forward or to move through and acknowledge all those small little things in our space that add up to that big stuff. 

You know for me especially, I seem to have a challenge with celebrating the small things some days because I get so stuck and involved in all the aspects of my life.  Sometimes it’s like we’re still aiming for the goal and moving through the goal to get to the end and we forget about all those small little wins on the way to the end results. The speaking contract we landed, or the chapter we wrote in the book, or even celebrating the availability to have quiet time and to just be still with yourself is such an important piece. 

So, to help me with this I put together a book that I carry with me on a daily basis and when I land the contract, I make the call, I connect with the person, I do whatever the small win is, I write it down. Later at night when I am reflecting on the day, I can pull out my book, look back at the wins and smile, acknowledge and appreciate. It makes the days feel so much more connected. It helps me to remember the small things that got me to the big goals. It also helps me to celebrate all those little steps, as it’s in those steps we get to learn.

I urge you to take a look at your daily life and what you’re doing in a day and look for those small things that you’re moving towards. It’s that small check mark that you’re checking off in your box that’s going to take you to the next level. I encourage you to be grateful for all the opportunities we get to change, to challenge and to explore because in that is the magic.

I hope that you decide to celebrate your awesome wins this week!


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