JN Foundation Launches Disaster Relief Fund


With all of the recent devastation that has swept through the Caribbean, businesses are rallying together to aid in relief efforts to the islands.

The JN Foundation has launched a campaign to raise funds that will assist Caribbean islands which were devastated by the recent Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The campaign, called “Help Our Caribbean Neighbours,” was launched recently so individuals would be able to contribute to the rebuilding of our affected Caribbean communities.

Onyka Barrett-Scott, partnerships and development manager for the JN Foundation, said the devastation to several Caribbean islands caused by the hurricanes is heart-wrenching.

“This is a sad and difficult time for many persons across the Caribbean Region, and we stand in solidarity with everyone affected by these disasters. There are many needs that now exist, therefore, we’ve chosen to respond by raising funds to assist with the response and recovery efforts,” she said.

Mrs. Barrett–Scott said that the generosity of donors will help to meet some of the hurricane-related needs, and support the recovery plans in the affected countries in the region. The target goal for the Relief Fund is to raise US$10,000.

“I urge everyone to support the many families and children in need by giving to this Disaster Relief campaign; and please donate whatever you can. A little can go a very long way,” she added.

Persons can donate to the fund by visiting the I Support Jamaica platform at www.isupportjamaica.com  and clicking on the donate button; by using JN Live at www. jnbank.com.

Several islands were affected by the major hurricanes Irma and Maria, which swirled across the northern Caribbean leaving a trail of physical and human disaster behind.

The countries affected include: Barbuda where more than 1,000 residents had to abandon the island, as it was deemed uninhabitable; Dominica, which had 27 deaths and the majority of its infrastructure destroyed; the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands where most people are still without power; St Maarten, which had a third of its buildings destroyed; as well as Puerto Rico and Cuba.

The help and efforts of the community are greatly appreciated!


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