From Toronto to Dominica with Love

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Alone we can do so little and together we can do so much. Those are the words of the local Kaisoca ladies cricket club of Toronto as they appeal to residents in the Toronto area to help donate as much as they can to the hurricane-ravished islands. Earlier this summer there was an influx of destructive hurricanes that affected many Caribbean islands, bringing some to complete rubble.

Dominica is one such island that has been affected by Hurricane Maria. Dominica was hit by a full category-5 storm, which left the island essentially cut off and flattened. Many residents are left with poor communication, no running water, power outages and lack of general supplies. The residents are in complete distress as they start the process of rebuilding their lives, after losing almost everything.

There has been a recorded 27 fatalities on the island since the hurricane. As many organizations started to send relief, the founder of the Kaisoca Ladies Cricket Club, George Maharaj has decided to organize a special clothing and food drive for Dominica, with special permission granted by the Dominican Association of Ontario. There are currently three Dominican players on the team, as well as ladies from other Caribbean countries including Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, St Vincent, and Barbados.

Some of the items urgently needed include canned foods, baby cereals, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, blankets, clothing and building supplies such as hammers and saws. The name of the drive is entitled From Toronto to Dominica with Love and is a joint effort with the Roots of Calypso. Other items needed include diapers, children’s medicine, first aid kits, toilet paper, mops, buckets, cleaning supplies, pillows, flashlights, batteries, bicycles, adhesive tape and much more.

Donations are vital from even the smallest of contributions because it all makes a change in adding to the overall factor of rebuilding the island. Right now residents are trying to establish their basic needs so they have access to clean water and proper meals. Dominica has been hit with a complete reset and almost everything will have to be rebuilt and not to mention the clean up of debris that has been left behind.

Hurricane Maria hit the island with winds of up to 175mph and was the first major storm recorded in the history of the island.

Kaisoca CC was founded in 2010 and has been actively trying to promote women’s cricket in the Toronto area and around Canada. Players are not limited to the Caribbean and also include members from Pakistan, Australia, India and South Africa. All members are currently trying to reach out to as many supporters as they can to come together and help the island of Dominica.

The drop off event will take place on Sunday, October 29th from 11 AM-5 PM.  It will be held at 2020 Don Mills Road (South of Sheppard) For more information on your donation contact the founder of Kaisoca — George Maharaj on 905-621-6157. Remember together we can do so much.


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