JN Money Transfer Slashes Fees

Image source: www.caribbeannationalweekly.com

JN Money Transfer has cut the cost to send remittances from three of its main overseas markets to Jamaica, effective as of December 6th, 2016,

Customers will pay as low as $1.99, (in the respective currencies) to send remittances from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom to Jamaica.

“Our customers have been lobbying for lower fees to send funds to their family and friends in Jamaica”, explained Horace Hines, acting general manager, JN Money Services. “We have responded to their requests by reducing our fees just in time for the holiday season. And, the Christmas season is one of the peak remittance periods during the year as families send monetary gifts and funds to defray sundry holiday expenses.”

“Our reduction in fees shows our commitment to our customers to keeping them connected with loved ones across the world, with the provision of a quick and efficient service at an even lower rate,” said Hines.

A lower cost to send remittances will benefit many Jamaicans as remittances continue to be one of the major contributors to the Jamaican economy, accounting for slightly over 17 percent of GDP. And, recent data from the Bank of Jamaica revealed that remittance inflows to the country for the period ending June 30th was more than US$965 million.

JN Money Services is the owner and operator of the JN Money Transfer remittance brand. JN International Money Transfer is a global brand which upholds international standards in its facilitation of money transfers between several countries across the world such as the United Kingdom, Ghana, the Philippines, Canada and the United States of America. A Caribbean-based brand, JN International Money Transfer also maintains a high standard of service and a rapidly expanding network across the region.

There is a total network of over 8,000 branch and agent locations across the world. Customers can receive great rewards through the JN International Money Transfer Rewards programme, send mobile credit to over 90 countries to networks including Vodafone, Verizon, Claro, Digicel and Lime, pay bills in Jamaica and send funds directly to financial institutions in Jamaica.

This decision to cut the cost of sending remittances has come at a great time during this holiday season, when customers will be sending and transferring money for gifts and other holiday expenses. Sending money through JN Money Transfer is a safe, convenient and affordable way to connect with loved ones and send money across the world. Visit http://www.jnbs.com/ to find a branch nearest you today!


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