LET’S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS – Preparations for 2018 Business Social Underway



New year, new goals?

As with every new year that rolls around, many of us spend time reflecting on another year gone, and the promise of the new one set before us. We resolve to make the most of this year, taking advantage of another chance to grasp missed opportunities, chase our dreams and embark on new experiences.

Unfortunately for many, two weeks in we’re right back to our same old unproductive habits. It’s not difficult to resolve to start a year strong, but it’s another matter altogether to actually follow through and make that commitment to achieve those goals.


What are you going to do to make this year different? This Spring, the Toronto Caribbean Newspaper formally invites you to attend the 4th annual TC Business Social on May 6th, 2018 at the Pearson Convention Center in Brampton!

Now in its 4th year, the TC Business Social was created to provide business professionals with an opportunity to learn skills and techniques to help optimize their business potential! This event is an opportunity to bring together the patrons and business owners of the community to network and educate others about their individual products and services they offer, while also sharing the innovative and unique ways that they can further grow and expand their brand to bring more business their way.

The TC Business Social is comprised of two events in one, providing something for everyone and is open to the public! If you are an entrepreneur, business owner or community affiliated organization this is the place to be to make some great connections and continue your plan for success in 2018.


The goal of the 2018 TC Business Social is to create a strong foundation for business owners and entrepreneurs to expand or establish on their current or projected business ventures. The Social brings together the best of the community’s most productive creative visionaries to share their best practices and introduce the latest achievements on how to keep the business model fresh and current.

This year’s Social Conference is set to be the best year yet taking things to the NEXT LEVEL and include motivational business speakers, panel discussions and exclusive Q&A sessions deconstructing about how to build a brand, establish a business and invest in new ventures.

Speaker presentations will cover exciting and insightful topics such as setting realistic and achievable goals, the power of setting forth your intentions into the universe, business transparency, customer service, relationship building, and most importantly how to do whatever it takes to run a successful business, grow your wealth, and elevate your status and influence with potential clients in the community!

The Social will offer practical and relatable business advice for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to strengthen their business foundation. A VIP ticket to the Business Conference will grant you an ALL ACCESS PASS with full access to the conference area and marketplace, and front row seating with a hot lunch included! You will be able to hear from community advocates and entrepreneurs like the CEO of Carib101 Media Group Grant Browning, spiritualist, business intuitive coach for professionals, animal communicator, entrepreneur and a master in the Law Of Attraction Sheila Trecartin, one of Toronto’s top realtors Jay Brijpaul, Lifestyle Coach and storyteller Hugh Anthony, Leadership Coach Jamelle Lindo, Founder of Hear 2 Help community services Simone Smith, Chief Executive Officer at Jamaica National Jerrold Johnson, and many more great minds to be announced.

With each speaker presentation, find out how to create a successful business plan, embark on a transformational journey, evolve with the times, and tap into your unlimited potential. The conference provides you with endless opportunities to learn alongside fellow attendees and get exposed to new ideas, specifically targeted towards business owners and entrepreneurs seeking skills and knowledge to build or expand their business ventures and invest in success.

“If I want to be a businessman, then I’m going to have to make a business plan,” Daniel Lewis, one of last Social’s speakers explained. “At T by Daniel we know how to tap into our star power we don’t see ourselves as little kitty cats we’ve got a lion’s attitude.”

At the Social, you’ll learn how to rediscover and infuse your personality into your business venture to engage a wider audience. “What if CEO stood for Catching Every Opportunity,” Daniel suggested. Being the Chief Executive Officer doesn’t tell you how to do your job, but if you can redefine what it means you know what you walk into your business working to achieve every day, looking out for any opportunity that comes your way.

When you go to the wrong networking event, networking is not working, and back by popular demand is the lively and exciting business vendor marketplace a popular stomping ground for current and potential business enthusiasts with over 80 vendors to meet and greet, attend for FREE to swap business cards with some of the best in business!

Preparations for this year’s event are currently underway, vendor booths are available and general admission, as well as VIP tickets, are on sale now! Take advantage of early bird pricing while you can. There will be a number of exciting prizes and giveaways to be announced in the months leading up to the event and you can keep informed on the latest bulletins by following them across social media @TCBSocial.

In 2018 shift your focus from idea generation to idea execution. Create a balanced business plan and set up your business to create personal and financial freedom in your life. Find your breakthrough moment, relinquish your personal limits and reach the next level!

PURCHASE TICKETS TO THE CONFERENCE AREA: https://tcbs2018.eventbrite.ca



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