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Build, strengthen and empower – the trifecta and driving force behind Carib101 Media Group’s latest legacy-building project.

Since the launch and rebrand of Carib101 Radio in 2016, the wheels of motion have been turning, eradicating boundaries and paving the way towards even more community-focused endeavors.

At the beginning of June, Carib101 Media Group was proud to announce the launch of The Toronto Caribbean Network known formally as My TCN TV an internet TV platform dedicated to bringing you positive uplifting programming designed to leave a memorable impact on your life. TCN TV was created to showcase the movements of community leaders and social justice advocates sharing solutions to the issues faced by the community every day.

These days watching the news and listening to the problems of mainstream media has become quite the drag. Over the past few years, more problems rather than solutions have come to the forefront where the media is concerned especially with the influx of fake news, government politics and the unwarranted surplus of negative opinions on each new issue addressed.

Morals and values have gone out the window, and society has accepted that they are never going to hear about anything good when they sit down to watch International News at 6 pm.

The TCN Network is made up of positive purpose driven, and legacy building initiatives. Each show is designed to do more and stand out by highlighting the people, and community leaders dedicating their time and efforts towards going the extra mile to impact positive change.

While it’s important to stay informed on the current state of the world, to know about the affairs taking place across the border and abroad, it’s not fair to subject yourself to only the problems that we face, but also take advantage of learning the steps we can take to solve them.

Through TCN TV you can discover a new avenue of receiving information with real people working in the community to shed some light and educate us on matters of importance, such as the struggles and victories of an entrepreneur, personal development, creating positive shifts and movements, reaching and connecting with each other and most importantly coming together uniting to influence positive change.

My TCN TV is available to stream on YouTube and Facebook and every show is aired live encouraging audience interaction inviting individuals looking to challenge the social stigmas we face as a community and discover answers to the hard questions.

On Tuesdays from 5-6pm, it’s an unfiltered, unapologetic and transformative experience with Simone Jennifer Smith and Dave Rankin on Hear 2 Help You. This show refuses to accept the rules of society or become complacent on the quest for knowledge. Hear 2 Help You offers a look into concerns, ideologies and the culture in Toronto. Most importantly H2H You exposes viewers to community figures unlikely to be seen in the traditional media.

Following H2H You from 6-7pm is The Visionary Show hosted by Jamelle Lindo focusing on live coaching and interviews with people who are creating positive shifts within their communities. The Visionary Show provides a platform where people can discuss and share their movements of how they got started or are already impacting the community in a positive way.

On Wednesdays from 1-2pm Mrs. Keisha Johnson is Living the Dream in Canada! Immigrants, refugees, even your own parents; everyone has a story and somehow they’ve fought their way through to ignite their passion and live their dream in a new world. Living the Dream in Canada connects audiences with luminaries from Canada’s diverse people groups who are making outstanding contributions to Canadian society and creating a legacy bigger than they ever imagined!

Looking for something more fun, light-hearted and upbeat? CMJ Live host Charles Matthews brings you the best in entertainment and events from around the world every Thursday and Friday from 11am-1pm. CMJ Live showcases some of the hottest and most elegant events and talent providing a platform for people to showcase their ideas and spread the word about all of the great events taking place in the community!

Friday’s from 1-2pm is reserved for some Real Talk with Grant Browning and Alyssa Mahadeo keeping it 100% real, raw and uncut. Real Talk is a show that invites community movers and shakers to discuss community advocacy, offer solutions, overcome obstacles and discover who those trailblazers are dedicating their time and efforts to promoting positive and uplifting change. Real Talk isn’t a facade they don’t pretend to be something they are not and they want to be completely transparent with their audience.

After Real Talk, The Gloves Are OFF from 2-3pm! Grant Browning goes the extra mile digging a little deeper into the successes and obstacles faced in every business venture. Every week The Gloves Are OFF brings some of the biggest most impactful stories from around the world to discuss what it means to do whatever it takes when it comes to running and sustaining your own business.

My TCN TV Network is a place where the community is encouraged to come together in unity. It’s a judgment-free zone, filled with great ideas and solutions to problems and obstacles we face every day of our lives. It’s about empowering and educating the community to take a leap of fate or go that extra mile and discovering how you can leave behind an unforgettable legacy.

My TCN TV is your connection to the community, by the community! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube and Fanpage to be notified when each show is LIVE! You can find them on Facebook by searching TCN Network or subscribe on YouTube ‘myTCNtv.’

You aren’t going to want to miss out on this new channel it’s 100% FREE to subscribe! If you are interested in submitting a proposal to host your own show send an email to they would be happy to provide more information on how you can influence your own creative journey.


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