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What does it mean for you to be approved? Can you finally finance that new car? Or perhaps put a down payment on a new home? Whatever the reason, getting approved is the first step into any big financial decision and with it brings the security of peace of mind that you deserve.

A native of the beautiful and sunny island of Trinidad, Sadiq Boodoo immigrated to Canada at eight years old. Growing up in Toronto he had big plans for himself, to one day dominate the boardrooms of Bay Street as a contract negotiator in the notorious financial district of Toronto. He never really saw himself as a banker, but he did have dreams to someday be a high roller it was just a matter of how that dream would someday materialize.

At the age of nineteen, Sadiq got a summer job working at the bank as a teller. “It was supposed to just be a summer job, I never really saw myself working in the financial industry,” he explains. After high school, he attended The University of Toronto and graduated with a degree in Management and Economics. During that time Sadiq remained at the bank, working his way up the ranks becoming a supervisor, then working in Management before getting into mortgage sales.  

“It wasn’t supposed to be a career, but my degree in Management and Economics fit in with banking so well that it ended up being the right piece to the puzzle.” he says.

In last few years working at the bank, his interest in mortgage sales increased, and he spent a lot of time on the road working as a mortgage specialist. During that time working personally with different clients, Sadiq found that there were a lot of things that the system didn’t allow.

“Within the banking industry I found that decision making was too hierarchical,” he says. “There were too many levels to go through, too much red tape and politics.” When it came down to it, the flexibility he craved wasn’t there. There were people that he wanted to help, but due to bank policies, he was very limited to the options that he could provide. The rules didn’t allow him to help people in the best way he could, and he got tired of repeating the vicious cycle over and over again.

Sadiq soon realized that he would be able to do a lot better for his clients if he branched off to offer his own services under his own name. “I was tired of seeing good people get conned,” he says. “If someone deserved to buy a house, or deserved to be in a better position I wanted to be in a better position to help them.” He recognized that he could better service his clients by providing them with the helpful options to deliver results opposed to more excuses that became problematic when dealing with rigid bank policies.

“I wanted to get out of the bank and start my own company,” Sadiq recalls. “I wanted to build something for my own future, for the future of my family, but also be able to help my clients and do something better than what I was already doing for them.”

In a world where things are constantly changing, bigger companies have yet to tailor their policies to accommodate their client needs. Their ability to think out of the box is restricted because they treat all clients the same, instead of on a case to case basis.

Sadiq founded Approved Financial Services in January of 2016, and they officially opened their doors for Business in September of the same year.  At Approved Financial Services they believe that every customer deserves the best care and service when purchasing or refinancing.

Approved Financial Services specializes in residential and commercial financing mortgages and lines of credit on homes and commercial properties. They are there to help almost anyone who are in need of borrowing money even in the cases of financing small businesses or even small equipment. They work to serve your financial needs and have what it takes to make a difference in your next mortgage transaction.

“Seeing good people get where they want to be, and helping those first-time buyers able to close on their houses and start their lives and build their future their happiness makes me feel accomplished,” Sadiq says.

“There are people who have been in unfortunate situations, life changing events have set them back financially and they are trying to recuperate,” he shares. “Knowing you have the ability to help them consolidate their debt and bring them to a better situation, to put them on the right path it makes my day worth it helping good people in need.”

Approved Financial Services in a unique mortgage brokerage, founded on the belief that their mortgage agents deserve the best training and support from their brokerage. They strive to create a collaborative and supportive work environment for all our agents and they offer access to industry professionals for ongoing support as well as a proprietary deal management system with integrated customer relationship management and digital marketing features.

With access to dozens of Canada’s Top Lending institutions, they can place all types of mortgages including purchases, refinances, equity takeouts, debt consolidations, renewals and mortgages for self-employed as well as commercial mortgages.

“Sometimes bad things happen to good people and if you are able to help them get back on their feet that sense of accomplishment makes things worth it,” says Sadiq.

Approved Financial Services is part of the Broker Financial Group Inc. network which provides AFS with the best the market has to offer. By being part of the Broker Financial network, they have access the more lenders, better rates, innovative technology and best in class support.

They pride themselves on being knowledgeable in the latest industry regulations. Their business model includes finding immediate solutions and securing their clients in a financially sound future. Approved Financial services provide the tools needed to help clients make their next financial decision and not be weighed down by circumstance.

“We strive to turn our clients into friends,” Sadiq explains. “Integrity and transparency are important in this business, clients do business with you, but friends they trust you.”

Approved Financial Services cares about their clients, and the more clients that leave happy the bigger their accomplishments. Their foundation is built on helping people and delivering results their customers need.

Contact them to get a free quote and overview of current market conditions affecting the mortgage market! Let their team of experienced mortgage experts help you with all your financing needs. Get Approved Today!


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