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As an immigrant, one of the hardest challenges you can face in a new country is getting used to the culture and most importantly seeking employment to mark your path of living in your new home. New immigrants or even potential persons looking to set up a life in Canada may find it overwhelming and a hefty feat to accomplish. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been here one month or ten years, sometimes life takes you on an adventure to which we are never prepared. The New to Canada initiative, founded by Angela Spencer will be hosting the second Employment Expo in the city of Mississauga on May 24th, 2017, from 1-4PM at the Mississauga Convention Centre, 75 Derry Road W.

The focus of the Employment Expo under New to Canada Inc. is aimed at helping new immigrants seek employment and resources while adjusting to Canada. Spencer herself is an immigrant after moving to Canada at the young age of nine from Jamaica. She noted the struggle for immigrants to fit into society and she always had that passion within her to help people and to work with people. As a self-described introvert, Angela still enjoys making new connections and especially making immigrants feel welcome. After deciding to branch off from her background in sales, Angela decided to seek out an entrepreneurial position and launch this Expo as part of a family owned mission into helping others.

The first employment Expo was held last November in the city of Cambridge, but this year Angela decided to focus on her home base of Mississauga. The event is expected to host over 800 persons that have registered so far. The venue will host over thirty different employers seeking new workers. The employers all focus on hiring persons with various skilled backgrounds including Insurance, IT, Health, General Labour and more.

Some of the previous exhibitors include Canadian Armed Forces, Employment Ontario, Immigrant Access Fund Canada, Loblaw Companies Limited and YMCA Employment Services amongst others.

The Employment Expo is set to become a seasonal event, where every three to four months the event can be hosted in a different city, there are hopes of Markham and Toronto later this year. This Employment Expo can be used as a connection tool, not just for new immigrants but also for job seekers in general.

The team of five behind the Employment Expo can offer one on one advice and really their organization serves as a connection point for people and resources. People are matched with potential employers that have the expertise they are seeking to advance in the Canadian market. This employment expo will mainly focus on being a general job fair but other expos in the future will aim to include workshops on resumes and even on dressing for success.

This expo is not just a chance for job seekers, but for employers to have the chance to connect with future potential employees and network with other businesses. The Employment Expo serves a positive purpose on both ends. New immigrants need to gain confidence and creativity in the Canadian market.

Angela serves not only as a connection point but also as a mentor that can offer lots of local resources. Even those outside of Canada or just visiting Canada can seek Angela’s advice over email or even on social media platforms to gain information on the immigration process, credentials needed or local organizations best suited to the individual’s needs. Help to organize your career path and gain insight into the working market in Canada. The resources available by different businesses can positively impact your life. The aim of the Employment Expo is to essentially highlight the steps immigrants need to take in Canada to successfully settle and to be a source of advice and positive motivation.

If someone is interested as a vendor or exhibitor, registration for future events will be available online and registration for job seekers are free. Simply go to to register or e-mail and register your name and state your area of interest. Best of Luck!


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