New Toronto reality show sheds light on dancehall and Jamaica’s social issues

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A fusion of culture, social issues, and dancehall music is coming to your computer screens very soon. Life Hustle & Dancehall Toronto is an upcoming reality docu-series planning to shed light on sexual crimes. The show comes as a result of a campaign held by the non-profit foundation Empower Canada Women’s Network’s CEO Heather Elliott, who is also an executive producer of the upcoming show.

The show’s cast ensemble consists of many popular faces in the Toronto and Jamaican communities. The pivotal cast members are Toronto dancehall personality, Lady Hilly, Party Host Nikki Hype, entrepreneur and event planner Nelly Dime, lifestyle curator Mikey Mention, promotions and events connoisseur Olaf HD and swimwear designer, Barbie Dolley. All members of the cast were pleased to get involved in the impactful PSA that the show conveys.

Life Hustle & Dancehall tells the story of the Toronto dancehall community and six of the community’s most popular stars. The reality series will guide its’ viewers on various journeys highlighting the hustle, lifestyle, andactivities of the stars of the show.

Dancehall is used as the perfect medium for this important PSA as it is commonly used as a way to convey social issues, and is recognized as an important connection to the thousands of Caribbean individuals who now call Toronto their home.

Cast member Nelly Dime was delighted to be approached for the show as he states, “I am just so thrilled that we were asked to be part of this PSA by the producers. As someone who is personally close to this issue, I wanted to ensure that I did my part to help eradicate the horrors of sexual abuse so prevalent in Jamaica and pretty much everywhere.”

Fellow castmate Barbie Dolley also added that the role is very much an integral part of who she is today.  “I am a mother and my kids mean the world to me and I will fiercely protect them at all cost, so when we were approached by the producers to take part in this, I was thrilled to do my part because I want to do whatever it takes to protect children in general.”

As the reality series has just been announced, much buzz around the show is upcoming prior to its release. The cast and crew are just getting started on their social media posts, as the filming progresses there will be much more to come.

The show will be aired in Jamaica through multiple media outlets, and as well as for the rest of the world to see via online including through social media. The show’s launch which is primarily being focused on its Jamaican releasewill be able to spread the strong message of sexual abuse to the masses.

“I hate to see the stories of sexual abuse coming out of my country. I know it’s everywhere, but it’s deeply personal when it comes out of your local community or city so I had to do my part” says cast member Lady Hilly on the importance of taking a stand and using her platform to make a change.

The show is slated to air in the late summer of this yearand will see a primary release in the most popular dancehall outlets.


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