QCAAT hosts annual Father’s Day brunch fundraiser



Father’s Day is coming up and many of us would like to appreciate the father and father figures we have in our lives. The Toronto chapter of the Guyana Queens College Alumni Association paid homage to many father figures in the community by hosting their annual Father’s Day brunch Fundraiser on June 10th.

The QCAAT Father’s Day brunch was held at the Tropicana Community Services Centre in Scarborough. The brunch celebration is not just used as a time to appreciate your father but as well as raising funds for Queens College in Guyana. Queen’s College is one of Guyana’s most prestigious secondary schools and in order to maintain their excellent educational standards, the proceeds from various fundraising events toassist students and staff.

The QCAAT has been holding fundraising events since their inception in 1991 and has provided more than CDN $200.000 to provide assistance over the years.

The fundraising event gives alumni living abroad a chance to contribute to something special towards their high school memories as well as the Guyanese community.

To make such events like this Father’s Day brunch special, there was a special Guyanese menu available, so many could enjoy a taste of home including drinks such a sorrel, mauby and non-alcoholic Guyanese “Fly” The event was able to bring friends, colleagues, alumni, and family together, for a special and enjoyable occasion.

There was also a live band and various performing artists, including Thunderbird, DJ Tee Cee, Mart’n James and Aaron “Stixx” Roberts.

The Father’s Day brunch is just one of many that the QCAAT committee tries to hold throughout the year to bring attention to a worthy cause. The tickets to the event were priced at $35 and as mentioned the funds go towards the school back in Guyana. The Last Lap Lime, usually held in August is another fundraising event that the QCAAT takes part in, it’s a collective gathering of Guyanese alumni from various high schools, held after the Toronto Carnival festivities. Stay tuned for more events by the Queens College Alumni Association Toronto and more information on the upcoming Last Lap Lime.


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