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Do you notice that some days, all it takes is the kind words of a person to set your day back on track? This is the reason for the explosion of quotes, and motivational posts that are now found all over social media. Words have the power to move us; to help us think past our issues and problems. Words have the power to overcome science as we know it; this is why they are so important to many of us.

As a writer, I am familiar with the power of words; I use them daily to empower my clients, my students, my family member and myself. This week, I would like to share with you some quotes along with an accompanying analysis. These words are meant to inspire, to generate thoughtful introspection and to motivate you to do more for yourself. Let’s begin….

“Words can be the most damaging weapon- guard your tongue.”

I thought that this might be a good one to start with. We are unaware of the power of our words; we don’t know the strength that they carry. The idea of self-fulfilling prophecies come from the act of telling someone something good or bad, and the person then fulfilling what has been said. Be mindful of what you say to people; comments like, “You’re so good for nothing,” or “You’re worthless,” can be damaging to a person’s psyche, and they will, in turn, become everything that you claimed them to be.

“The easiest person to fool is yourself.”

You know when you tell yourself, “Oh, I will just do this later,” and then you never get around to doing it. This is a perfect example as to how easy it is to fool yourself.

“Examine what is said, not him who speaks.

Interestingly enough, I have learned the most from people who you would not think would have the wisdom they have. This includes children; we think that children are unable to teach us because they have not been on this earth as long. Let me be the first to tell you, their purity is what gives them wisdom. They have not been shrouded by the negativity of our world, and they speak from a place of truth. Stay open.

“Our goal should not be to eliminate stress from our lives, rather learn how to manage it.”

We focus a lot of our time running away from stressful situations, which in turn only brings on more stress. In times of stress, we have to get to a point where we are viewing the stress as an opportunity for growth; an opportunity for learning. One great thing we can learn from our stressful situation is how to deal with our stress better.

“The quickest way usually takes a long time to discover.”

I am sure we have all had that experience of staring at a project and being unable to figure out how to get it done. All of a sudden, someone comes by, takes one look and the problem that was faced is solved. It’s okay; once the issue has been solved, you can use the same technique in similar situations.

“A weak spot anywhere in the structure can ruin the whole.”

This quote is for my business owners and entrepreneurs; if you wonder at times why you are not as successful as you could be, take a look at the team that surrounds you. All it takes is one person who does not hold your dream or vision as strongly as you do. That person could be working against consciously or unconsciously.

I want to end this issue with a final quote which I will leave for your interpretation;

“Simplicity is a terribly complicated thing to try and understand.”

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts Toronto! Have a great week!


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