Summer Heat May Not Be All Sweet for Us Makeup Lovers

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Let’s admit makeup in hot summer days can feel like a face covered in a mud mask while in a hot stone sauna. After working hard applying your favourite products to make you a glowing goddess to have it dripping away because of heat, what a nightmare. Well let’s not fall victim to the makeup melt down any longer. Instead let’s combat the make melt away and bask in the sunshine all day long with a makeup must-have called Setting Spray. With a couple of spritz of this water based product applied to the face before and after your makeup will preserve your look for up to 8 – 16 hours, leaving you sweat, water and transfer resistant all day.

Setting sprays are cosmetic products that can be used for both the preservation of makeup and as a primer. Originally developed in the entertainment industry to limit the amount of re-applying makeup on set for theatre/movie actors, setting sprays quickly gained popularity throughout Hollywood and since then have become a custom ritual for make artists and their clients. As applying a setting spray meant less blending for us, the spritz works to help soften the makeup allowing for it to become more manageable.  Not to mention when applied after makeup as a finishing spray, merging the application together such as, foundation, blush, highlighter and bronzer (featured in last edition), etc. while drying to a flawless finish.

Although ideal for all skin types there are many setting sprays for various skin such as, a matte finish for oily skin that prevent oils from exposure to the surface of the skin while preventing products from settling into pores, fine lines and wrinkles, although great for hydration will not provide glow or add shine to the face. In comparison, as for the dewy finish is great for dry or combination skin will provide a youthful appearance by adding a hint of sheen giving the look of a healthy glow.  As both are a great refresher for hot humid days and added hydration to the face. For those that have oily skin, using a dewy finish will not make you feel oily and for those that have dry skin, using a matte finish will not make you look drier than you are but, will make you feel refreshed and hydrated.

Due to the natural properties in setting sprays that consist of glycerin, aloe and rosewater that work as conditioners to the skin and act as an adhesive for makeup to stick to, help not only to heal and protect the skin but due to the hydraulic acid found in most setting sprays acts as an aide to prevent pimples and breakouts. Due to these simple components many ingredients in store bought setting sprays can be found in our everyday use of cosmetics and can be used alone or with the use of makeup, making it easy to do by yourself in the comfort of your own home. Provided below are a list of do-it-yourself setting sprays and store bought for convenience and budget, so you can spray on my darling and beat the summer heat!

You’ll need: Glycerin (preferably vegetable glycerin), one part (one tbsp), distilled/filtered water, 3 parts (3 tbsp), a few drops of your favourite essential oil (optional), funnel and a small spray bottle. Instructions: With the funnel, pour all the ingredients in the spray bottle and shake well. You can store it for about two weeks. The quantity is small so you can discard it and make a new batch after a few weeks.

Rose Water Makeup Setting Spray: In the recipe above, substitute plain water with rose water. Rose water has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It also adds a nice fragrance.

Aloe/ Witch Hazel Makeup Setting Spray: Substitute glycerin with Aloe Vera gel or witch hazel. Add one part of aloe/witch hazel in three parts of plain water or rose water.

In Store: Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray – $39.00, Smash Box Primer Water – $32.00, Urban Decay Dew Me and De Slick $29.00, Mac Fix Plus- $22.00, NYX Makeup Setting Spray – Dewy and Matte Finish Long Lasting – $13.99 and Elf Makeup Mist and Set – $3.99


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