Sweetness In The Silent



There are moments in our life where we have access or we are in the middle of a moment of silence.  Sometimes we think that the quietness needs to be filled but there is actually this sweetness inside of that quietness.

I don’t know if you’ve ever sat with yourself before and not talked to anybody, not had any music on, not had your phone nearby, and just be with yourself.  It’s actually a really impactful and powerful exercise you can do in order to get connected with who you are.

With all of the instant gratification we have in the world these days, sometimes we lose track of that self-connection, that alignment within ourselves. Sometimes I really feel that through the silence it will allow us to be able to reconnect.  We talk about meditation and we hear about it a lot these days. Some people don’t really know what it is or they call it “fou fou” or “fluffy” but it’s actually taking some moments of silence in your day to just be with yourself.  It’s not thinking about anything, it doesn’t have to be a visualizing meditation, but just to literally be. 

There are some points in our day where breathing alone in our car brings in a quietness that will help us get through the rest of the day. Sometimes I feel we forget that inside of the quietness is that special little key piece that keeps us sane, grounded and clear about where we’re headed.

It’s important in our space to have that quietness.  With everything moving around and so quickly these days, it’s hard to get.

So, I encourage you today, and every day moving forward to take a look at your life and to honor yourself that way and take those moments of silence. Whether it’s right before you go to bed at night, before you “hit the hay,” whether it’s first thing in the morning, whether it’s periodically throughout the day. Whatever that looks like for you, I highly encourage you to integrate that into your lifestyle and into your systems of self-care for yourself. 

Through those moments you will find that once you start to get really connected inside of your space and the breathing starts to happen, you will be a lot more grounded. You might even get a lot more ideas on your movements forward or on your connection to self. It might increase your intuition and help you to reach out to certain relationships in your life in order to honor those relationships. It’s so impactful to see what happens and comes through when we take the time to just listen to ourselves.

Hope you are having a very great week, with quiet moments and thoughtful results. I also wish you much passion inside of what it is you are trying to achieve.


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