The Weight Loss Trap

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You’ve made a decision to start eating better and exercising more. You’re watching your portions and you’re sticking to your exercise routine. You’re dedicated and motivated and you feel like you’re finally on the right track. You’re doing all of the right things but there’s one trap you may fall into when you’re trying to slim down.

It’s not about choosing the wrong foods or missing a workout. It’s more of what’s happening in your mind that’s making the difference. These mental mistakes are some of the hardest obstacles to overcome.  If you believe that willpower and concentration will conquer all, you may just be deceiving yourself.  

The first sign of any setback can stop you in your tracks. Willpower and concentration are important but the most important thing you need is a resounding “why”.  Without your why, you may start off with all of the best intentions but you will never succeed.  Why you ask?  Because life will eventually get in the way.

Perhaps you didn’t get the promotion you were so sure you were going to get or the person you wanted to ask out on a date just got in a relationship with someone else because you waited to long to ask them out or your partner has decided to ask for a divorce and you didn’t see it coming…..  Whatever it is, it will sabotage your well intentioned efforts.

Know your why and no matter what, you will succeed.  Don’t get me wrong you may still have setbacks but with a resounding why you will be able to get back up and start over again.  Perhaps your child needs a liver transplant and you are the only perfect match but because you’re overweight the doctor won’t operate on you.  Or perhaps you are getting married and you want to wear your mother’s wedding dress and it is two sizes smaller than you are.  No matter what your why is, let it be your guide.

Just imagine this, you are afraid of heights and someone asked you to go to the rooftop of a building.  You would probably not even think about it and just say no.  However, if your child was on the rooftop of a burning building you probably wouldn’t even think twice about it.  Without any regards to your personal safety or the fact the you were afraid of heights, I’m sure you would run up those stairs as fast as possible to save them.

Be proud of yourself for taking the first step to getting healthy.  Just remember that dedication and motivation are great but your resounding why is what will give you the best results.


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