Thoughts to End your Year; Change Begins When You Want It To!

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Toronto, I swear this year went by so quickly. For many of us, we are still struggling with some of our issues; for others, we have confronted and figured out what we need to do in order to live more productive lives. I want to end this year by letting you know that the battle is not yours alone, but that of the entire community. If one member of our community suffers, we all feel that suffering, even if it is vicariously, or subconsciously. This final edition of A Better Tomorrow will allow you to reflect on your year and think about the FANTASTIC things you are going to do for yourself next year.

“True friends will help us to remain on our life path. False friends will cause us to stray from our life path.” (A Thousand Paths to a Peaceful Life, David Baird)

The greatest piece of advice I can give anyone I come in contact with is to watch the company you keep. Negative people, negative energy can drain you and leave you confused, jaded, and bitter. People are who they are, and if you have people in your life who are draining you, cut them loose. It does not mean you hate them, it does not mean you ignore them when you see them. What it does mean is that you create enough distance between you and them that their negativity does not rub off on you. You still respect them for the part they played in your life, but let them go. It will hurt, but it will be beneficial for you in the future.

“When the opportunity comes, be prepared so that you can see it instantly and use it correctly.” (A Thousand Paths to a Peaceful Life, David Baird)

Sometimes we miss out on opportunities because we cloud ourselves with negative thoughts and negative people. In order to see these opportunities, we have to let go of what we are hung up on. That person who lends you advice; that stranger who offers you a word of wisdom; constructive criticism from an elder, all of these are opportunities to advance past your level of thinking. Our opportunities are out there and we miss them because we are stubborn; Get over yourself and open yourself up to what the universe has prepared for you. Quiet those voices in your head; slowly give in to what you want and watch the doors open up.

“In my acts with others, have I been worthy of their trust?” (A Thousand Paths to a Peaceful Life, David Baird)

This is that time when I tell you that you have to take a real deep look at yourself. We complain about other people and never take in the theory of projection. The theory of projection tells us that when you see something in someone else, it also exists in you. That goes for negative characteristics and positive characteristics. If you don’t see people as being trustworthy, there might be things about yourself that are not very trustworthy. It is time to look within to fix without. WE have to start taking responsibility for our actions; this is difficult because we don’t like looking at the negative aspects of self. It is only when we recognize who we are and how we impact the world that we can really make a change.

“Be in Harmony with your promises and you will be able to fulfill them. (A Thousand Path to a Peaceful Life, David Baird)

When we make promises to others and are unable to fulfill them, not only does this look bad on you, it looks bad on your business and the other people who associate with you. When you are in harmony with your promises, it means that you are able to come through with the promises you make to others. This means you don’t over commit yourself or do what you are not competent to do.

Have a great end of the year and rest assured, I will be here next year!


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