Twelve Beautiful Ladies Attempt to Capture the Miss Caribbean Canada Crown

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Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. However, real beauty is revealed through a woman’s character, attitude and values. This is one of the many things that the Miss Caribbean Canada Pageant aims to showcase and promote.

“What really inspired me is the development of young ladies. It was important to help them build their self-confidence and self esteem and to actually become role models in the community. I saw that this was lacking throughout the community, especially in broken family homes with single parents, “ said President of the Miss Caribbean Canada Pageant, Lloyd Dwyer.

This special dinner and show will be held on July 24th, 2016 inside the Jamaican Canadian Association located at 995 Arrow Road in North York.  The Miss Caribbean Canada Pageant was first founded in 1991 and has grown over the years to become an empowering community event. This pageant is far beyond a beauty pageant, it is a chance to showcase the many talents and strengths that the young Caribbean women in our community possess and embody.  It provides them with an experience that they will be able to carry with them throughout their life as they embark on making a positive difference in the community. In addition to participating for the title they also gain something much more valuable which is life long friendships. Throughout the pageant young women who share similar aspirations and goals and create friendships that will follow them beyond the pageant.

These young women will be competing for three special titles. The lucky winner will of course be crowned Miss Caribbean Canada 2016 whilst the first runner up will get an equally important title of Miss Caribbean Ambassador. The second runner up will be given the duty of Miss Caribbean Community Advocate. With each of these titles comes great responsibility to not only carry yourself with respect and poise but also serve as a role model in the Caribbean community and strive to create positive change.

What makes this pageant special is that it supports an incredible cause whilst empowering the community, Part of the proceeds from the Miss Caribbean Canada Pageant goes towards enriching the work being done by the Sickle Cell Association of Ontario. One of the greatest things that pageants promote is feeling confident and beautiful in ones own skin.  In addition to that it also provides the contestants, especially the winner with a platform to advocate for causes that are close to their heart and gives them a voice to truly get out and make a difference in their communities. A Caribbean woman embodies strength, courage, persistence, passion and most importantly kindness.

Come out on July 24th and watch as these twelve lovely ladies grace the stage and compete to become the next Miss Caribbean Canada 2016. For more information visit Follow them on Instagram @misscaribbeancanada to stay up to date with the latest news leading up to the big day on July 24th.  


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