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I’m sure many of you have used or have seen products from Vichy. Vichy is a great skincare line that offers great products for all skin types, and if you are familiar with Vichy’s products, you’ll probably know they are famous for the use of Thermal Water in their skincare. Added to the list of many amazing products is the Mineral 89 Skin Fortifying Daily Booster, which is being called ‘step 0’ in your skincare regimen. 

So, what is Mineral 89? This product is a daily fortifying, plumping skincare product that offers twenty-four hours of moisturizing benefit from one application. The formula contains a concentration of 89% Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water. It has a light gel-like texture, which is lightweight, cool to the touch and absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving any greasy residue or stickiness. This daily booster works to reinforce skin’s natural barrier function, hydrate, strengthen and protect your skin from internal and external “aggressors” such as stress, fatigue, and pollution. With regular use, Mineral 89 will restore skin’s appearance and help minimize the signs of age, stress, or lack of sleep.

The primary ingredient in the Mineral 89 Booster is Vichy’s Thermal Mineral water. The 89 in the product name comes from the fact that the serum is 89% Mineralizing Thermal Water which comes from French volcanoes. The Thermal Water is enriched with 15 rare minerals including calcium and magnesium which work their way into the skin fortifying it from the inside out. The minerals in this product help to keep the skin moisturized and protected all through the day.  Added along with its 15 minerals is an amazing little ingredient called hyaluronic acid. Why is it so amazing? Because Hyaluronic acid can improve the health of your skin by promoting cellular regrowth. It is a powerful humectant, which means it pulls moisture from the air keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated longer. It also helps the product absorb into the skin much faster.

Using the Mineral 89 Booster is quite easy and can easily be integrated into your daily and nightly skincare regimens. Simply apply two drops into your hands and gently massage to the face and neck after cleansing using upwards movement ensuring all areas are treated, then follow with your usual skincare routine. Applying the Mineral 89 after cleansing helps the skin absorb each application thereafter more efficiently. This hydrating treatment creates a complete transport veil which instantly delivers a plumping and toning effect. With continued use, over time this product creates a protected layer over the skin that keeps it hydrated, makes it appear younger looking and gives it a more radiant appearance. With this product being step 0 in your skincare regimen makes it the perfect base and can be used under any day cream, night cream, sunscreen and even under your makeup. Did I mention that Vichy Mineral 89 is free of parabens, alcohols, silicone, and fragrance? No? Well, it is! This is combined with only eleven ingredients makes this product ideal for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin.

If you are suffering from excessive dryness (like rosacea), have sensitive skin or oily skin then this product is for you. I use it day and night as part of my skincare routines and I’ve noticed a vast improvement in the overall health of my skin. My skin looks and feels healthy, more radiant and best of all hydrated. Vichy Mineral 89 is a gorgeous product to use and leaves the skin glowing, plump and healthy. Everyone can use and benefit from this product. At only $40 CAD for a 50ml bottle, Vichy Mineral 89 Booster is luxury skincare at what I consider a great price. Sold at Canadian pharmacies and online.



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