What Will It Say On Your Tombstone When You Die?

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Great week to you Toronto!

How has the summer been for you so far? For me, it has been hectic, frustrating, annoying at times, and reflective. I have found the time, to take some time and really reflect on all that is currently happening in my life. I have also had an opportunity to work within the community and of course gather a greater understanding as to how I, Simone Jennifer Smith can lend a hand.

Last weekend, I had an opportunity to speak at an event put on by Faith Filled Empowered Entrepreneurs called Cosmopreneur. This event was hosted by Janet Brown who is the founder of F.F.E.E, and I appreciate what she is doing because she is a woman who has suffered losses, yet she refuses to let those losses keep her from doing what she needs to do. F.F.E.E is committed to the unity of people especially women; the idea of launching F.F.E.E came to her during a time when she was pursuing her passion for opening and running her own restaurant. Alongside Patty Randhawa, a financial advisor, and health and wellness expert, and Janet Brown, I was able to address a group of women and men about how to have faith and determination regardless of the situation that they encounter.

I had been thinking about what I was going to talk about all week, finally, it dawned on me that I had to start looking back into my past to find a topic. I decided to draw from my own personal self-discovery file, and this is how I came up with my topic, “You do not have the Monopoly on Suffering!” What does this mean? Well, I will say this; we all go through horrible ordeals. We all suffer loss; the problem that occurs is that many of us get stuck in our suffering and we develop tunnel vision when it comes to our future. It is easy to fall into this; believe me, when I say, I have been there before. So how does this look? It can appear differently for each person. I asked the group a question, to begin with; what will it say on your tombstone when you die? I had them think about this for a moment before I gave my answer. I wanted the audience to begin to put themselves in a reflective state. Anytime I give a talk, the purpose is always a reflection. I want people to really take stock in their lives and think. My answer to the question was, “Here rests Simone. Don’t cry for me; remember me for who I was!”

This is the type of question that is meant to snap you out of your current state of thought. No one likes to think about death, but for some reason, death happens to be the best motivator. Regardless of what we are suffering from, when the idea of death comes to mind, a clock starts to tick in our minds; this clock indicates to you that you have to make a move in your life regardless of your current suffering. I put the same question out to the reader today, what will it say on your tombstone when you die?

When you answer this question, I want you to be aware of what is happening inside of you. What are your thoughts at this moment? What are you feeling? We have to acknowledge the cognitive as well as the physiological and behavioral. Stay mindful of these thoughts as you go through your day to day. You will have questions that arise, as well as new discoveries about yourself. I am inviting everyone to join me on a path of discovery. I want you to read my words, but focus on certain things that are occurring within you. At times it will be uncomfortable, but discomfort means growth.

Suffering will come and go; so will life. Remember that!


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