Beauty Back 2 School Essentials Under 20 Bucks

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Ring! Ring! Ring! Class is in session and just like paper and pens, being stocked with the ultimate beauty must haves, especially on a budget is just as important.

A fresh start to a perfect year begins with each day and a flawless face St Ive’s Exfoliating Apricot Scrub $3.99, provides a deep invigorating clean with the help of tiny crushed apricot seeds to get deep into pores, providing a refreshing clean that is sure to wake you up in the morning with glowing skin. Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bars $5.99, followed by a light moisturizer that will help to quench the skin and keep it hydrated all day for that natural glow. Clean and Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer $8.49 with cucumber extract helps to calm the skin keeping it supple throughout the day and with its gel based formula is quick drying and won’t clog pores, unlike tacky lotions or oils. Cetaphil Moisturizer $8.99.

Speaking of oil and as the day goes by, oil buildup is inevitable by mid afternoon even if you’re using an oil free moisturizer. Blotting paper from Clean and Clear oil ­ absorbing sheets $6.49 helps to keep oils at bay keeping you mattified and ready for science. Use one to two sheets to carefully pat away oils within your t­zone area (forehead, chin, nose) for a quick touch up.

Now that we have our face covered for class let’s not forget about gym and that funk, yes ladies that funk after ball practice, especially if gym is first period. Don’t forget to pack a body spray in that gym bag too and the good thing about AXE Anarchy deodorant body spray for women $4.95 it keeps you dry and can be used on the body leaving a light floral scent for scent friendly environments. Apply when needed or before or after gym.

Keep your lipgloss poppin’, so let’s not forget about those cherry smackers with the new Baby Lips by Maybelline $5.99 that provides a wash of colour with a subtle tint to the lips without a bold distraction as lipstick. Baby Lips provides a nice gloss to the lips giving off just enough drama with its array of colours to keep you neutral and angelic till the next bell.

It’s after lunch and were approaching our afternoon plunge. Stay perky with 2­3 coats of Essence Clear Gel Mascara $2.99. This grooming tool is perfect as it can be used to set brows and keep eyes bright and natural with it’s lengthening formula to keep you looking wide awake.

Because we’re all about those letter A’s, let’s keep it smooth when giving those high fives with a silicone based lotion such as Glysomed Hand Cream $3.99 that will keep hands soft to the touch.

There you have it, all your beauty essentials under one roof to get you back to school ready!


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