Five Top Lip Trends You Need to Know This Fall

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With the upcoming change to the fall season, we are about to embark on a magnitude of various colours that will inspire change, whether in our fashion, hair, decor or lifestyle. As the seasons change so should our lip colour. Here are five new lip trends to try this fall.

The over statement lip. This can be achieved with either matte or gloss, but must be opaque in colour. As if to say the lips were the only feature on the face, creating a cartoon type finish. This is mostly done with extreme colours such as blue (royal, navy cobalt), purple (eggplant, violet, grape) or really dark, such as red (burgundy, orange and black), basically colours you would never expect existed as lipstick shades.

The perfect pout, usually attempted with a lip pencil and a gloss to give your lips the ultimate quench and extreme plumpness. This technique is done by outlining the outer lip with a lip pencil, a shade or two darker than your lipstick colour than drawing lines from the inner lip towards the outline. One line drawn in the center of the bottom lip and two more on either side, followed by the same thing on the upper lip and finally drenching your lips with gloss and smudge until even. This technique will help deepen the concentration of colour of the lines, intensifying one’s pout due to added definition because of the lines created with the pencil. As opposed to a swatch of lip gloss all over the lip, this trend is typically done with a really tacky lip gloss with high shine to help make the lips appear bigger.

Frost, also know as a metallic shimmer offers wearers a two-dimensional finish with often a pearl, gold or duochrome iridescent sparkle. This trend can also be known as a gloss but is most typical as satin (not flat but with sheen) finish lipstick. Although some liquid lipsticks are moving in on the metallic trend most find it wearable as a lipstick mainly due to its non drying effect. These lipsticks are great for layering over other colours to add depth or in the centre of the lips to create a highlight effect for the perfect pout or can be worn alone. 

90’s Nude, is giving dark chocolate flavour all over it cause that’s exactly what the nineties lips were and yes ladies this intense dark brown is back! This trend can be achieved with both lipstick and liner or either, on its own. Finding the right brown can be complicated but you want to get one that is yellow in base as it tends to go well with medium to darker complexions and for lighter or pale complexions a deep brown that is red in base that will pick up on the pink undertones of the skin keeping it from looking muted. Most of the time this look will often be in a matte finish. However, this may be a little too intense for some. By outlining the lips with a dark brown liner and adding a taupe or blush nude gloss will soften the look and create an ombre effect taking you back to the era of butterfly clips and chokers, the 90’s nude lip is sure to make a comeback this fall.

The matte lip, over the past three years this lip continues to be a staple for any upcoming season and trend. Bold and intense in colour, it is the only finish that provides you with long lasting coverage. The matte lip in any colour is a must this season specifically in darker cherry to raspberry tones. Caution as you must be sure to moisturize your lips as they may become cracked and flaky due to the crisp weather. Otherwise matte lips are perfect for this time of year and rich in colour just like the leaves as we welcome fall, we welcome change.



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