Smokey Eyes Not Racoon Eyes!

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As fall is approaching there is nothing simpler than smokey eyes, not mention how sexy an in-depth glare can be as an invited conversation with a crush. This intense look was made for drama and that’s exactly what were going to achieve without the harsh lines that can sometimes confuse smokey eyes with bruised ones instead.

The key to a smokey eye is blending, blending then blend again, so be sure to invest in a great fluffy blending; perhaps two, one for darker colours and the other for neutral tones. In addition, and just as important is the size in which a small shader brush would come in handy.

When we think of smokey eyes we usually picture darker pigments such as black, greys or silver, but I’d like, to dispel that myth and let it be known that a smokey eye can be achieved with just about any colour or tones across the spectrum; browns, blues, purples can all be used and mixed to an ombre finish. Please note that the higher on the lid you go is the least amount of pressure you’ll need to apply the shadows to your lid and this is a common mistake people do that make them end up looking like a bandit.

The easiest and most basic of the ever popular smokey eye is the one colour method. This is done by placing one colour at the base of the eyelid and gradually blending out towards the top, starting with very little pigment and gradually adding as you blend. As the objective of the smokey look is to mimic that of smoke, so darker in colour towards the bottom and blending lighter at the top ending with a perfect smokey eye.

Another method to achieving the ultimate smokey eye is the same procedure as the one colour method but requires two to three shades of the same tone varying darker to lighter in colour. For example, a black smokey eye may require you to have a midnight black to a greyish black and finish off with a grey or silver at the top. Not to mention, this can also be done vice versa with lightest to darkest colours on top.

Let’s not forget with all this drama to add our falsies because ladies with all this lid action you are sure to bat them eyes non stop, so what better way than to add mascara and false lashes to the look. Also we can’t forget our nude lip to balance the look because we’ll definitely be talking with them eyes only.


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