BUSINESS: Simple Internet Marketing Techniques


By Julie Rambali
July 17th, 2013 Edition

Too often businesses get trapped with Internet marketing and get stuck with little or no results. It doesn’t help that they’re competing with larger companies and their big marketing budget. Then having to also compete with social media and a multitude of other distractions for the attention of prospects can be drag and make you want to give up.

There isn’t one method which will draw thousands of repeat visitors to your website. You’ll need to put in the time in the right places with some patience and employ a variety of techniques over an extended period of time to see any major results.

The goal is to start networking on the major social media platforms and integrate it into your daily lifestyle so it doesn’t become overwhelmingly boring. Here are some great starting points:

Start your own blog. Do some research online and write about topics in your industry or simply ask permission from other types of businesses in your industry for their news and re-post it in your blog. Don’t forget to give the source website credit for their news with a simple link back to their website. This creates an “active” link on your website which search engines love. Keeping your website constantly updated/active begins a cycle that will automatically grab the interest of major search engines.

Connect with social media. I know social media sounds like a lot of work but it’s extremely easy, effective, and free. There are over 1.1 billion users on Facebook, over 554 million Twitter users, and over 1 billion unique users visit Youtube each month. They’re all very powerful platforms for marketing your business online. Engage users on Facebook and network with other affiliates to get your products/services in front of an audience you haven’t had contact with before. Tweet about things of interest to you, quotes, jokes, funny photos, and you will begin to humanize your business. Create quick and simple Youtube video blogs with a clear message and call to action for the viewer to do something like subscribe to your channel. If you have a low budget, simply use your built-in smartphone camera and easy to use video editing apps.

The main reason for Internet marketing is simple and that is to get onto all major search engines. The above techniques are the most effective ones I’ve tried so far and will definitely share whatever I learn next. The idea is to basically flood the Internet market with your links and branding which will automatically draw the attention of search engines and ultimately the attention of very large crowds all across the web to your website.

Next time, I’ll get into more detail about blogging, how to blog, and what to blog about to drive targeted visitors to your website.


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