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The United Achievers’ Club of Brampton applied and received a grant to host a Parent Symposium geared primarily towards the Caribbean and African-Canadian community. The aim of these free workshops is to empower parents in their role as their children’s most influential teachers and a major partner in their education. The project is titled CAPES (Caribbean Afro-Canadian Parent Engagement Symposium). As the name suggests, parents are the super heroes, the champions of their children’s success.

Let us rise above expectations with Dr. Beverly-Jean Daniel who will energize you with her ground breaking research. This daughter of Trinidad will reveal innovative strategies that will equip parents to harness their children’s capabilities and lead to excellence in education. Dr. Daniel is a leader in program development, research and training for Black students. You will be blown away by her pioneering research and theories. Let us stop focusing on the negatives. Let us stop highlighting the failure of our youth. Instead let us concentrate and celebrate their achievements. Let us retrain our thought process and embrace the 60% that do succeed and try increase this to 65% then 70 % and before long we will be right where we want to be. That is, all of our children graduating from high school, ready to take their place in the world.

This project focuses on the success and resiliency of Caribbean and African Canadian students that succeed against all odds. With these interactive workshops we hope to empower parents to assist students to achieve success at higher levels. We will have Dr. Trevor Brown providing hands on learning and strategies that will equip parents to help their kids excel in mathematics. These workshops are designed for parents by parents, to build capacity and confidence in your children.

At this symposium parents will be exposed to career opportunities of the 21st century that will position their children to be productive members of the society. What is a nanotechnologist, a custom implant organ designer or a robotic technician? What educational requirements will such job descriptions necessitate? Learn about specialized programs at the Peel District School Board that children can participate in as early as grade six. This undertaking hopes to encourage parents to discover local solutions to getting involved in the school community and become effective advocates.

The importance of parents as advocates in their community cannot be stressed enough. We need you to be enthusiasts of mental health, physical health, and emotional health in addition to the academic well-being of your children.

Come and collaborate with the Peel District School Board, The United Achievers’ Club, The Congress of Black Women Brampton Chapter and various organizations (academic services and support services) and community groups that will be available to provide considerable resources and information all geared towards providing the necessary tools to assist you in your greatest goal; insuring your children maximizes their full potential.

The project focuses on the Caribbean and Afro-Canadian community in Peel but all are welcome from the Scarborough massive to the Jane and Finchers and our friend’s in Durham. It will be worth the drive. Remember all roads lead to Brampton. On April 9th, May 28th and June 11th The Jim Archdekin Recreation Center will be a beehive of activity from 10am-3pm. Registration is free, food is free and babysitting is free. Progressive parents are encouraged to call Lucinda at 905-459-1942.So make this important step to helping your child become numerate. Make this important step to arming yourself with the knowledge and the expertise to set your children up to be the best that they can be.

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