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It’s no secret that many of us look and feel like the best versions of ourselves after we’ve invested a little time (and, occasionally, a lot of money!) on pampering ourselves. Who doesn’t love that fresh-from-the-spa feeling? But juggling obligations like a career, a social life, a family, and more, can make it hard to make it to the spa as often as one would like…not to mention, for many of us, this would also mean breaking the bank. Plus, it can be hard to discern exactly how healthy the ingredients being used in your local spa actually are. Well, worry no more: U.P. Beauty is here to wash your worries away!

U.P. Beauty (U.P. stands for Unforgivingly Pur) prides itself on providing handcrafted, natural products for people on the go. A browse through the U.P. Beauty online store showcases everything you need to pamper yourself from head to toe—literally. From butter you can use on your skin and in your hair, all the way down to a pumice scrub that will revitalize your feet and anywhere else that could use a little exfoliation, U.P. Beauty has it all, and it is all natural.

Created by sisters Cola and Rochelle Bennett, the business got its start after Cola’s eight-year-old son, Kayshaun, passed away in 2014 from congestive heart failure. Kayshaun was diagnosed with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy just a year after he was born. Requiring something uplifting to keep herself occupied after Kayshaun’s passing, Cola started crafting body washes and body butters. “I just needed something positive to focus on,” she reflects. That initial venture grew into the full range of products U.P. Beauty offers today. Rochelle’s interest was sparked by her sister’s creations, but her medical background also contributed to her becoming involved. She is a registered nurse by trade and has always been passionate about health and wellness. “I have a passion for creating stuff that’s more healing and positive, and getting people to really pay attention to what they’re actually putting into their bodies,” she explains.

At U.P. Beauty, you’ll find a range of products. There’s a variety of soaps, including bay rum, charcoal, and coconut mango, body wash, body oil, body scrub, hair and body butter that includes a blend of natural oils and is available in three different scents, a product only available for the summer called “Sweet Talk Glow” that will add shimmer to your skin once applied, a face kit that includes everything you need to keep your skin looking radiant, and a natural deodorant.

While some people may find the idea of using a natural deodorant somewhat daunting, the sisters say that making the switch is definitely worth it. When they started making their natural deodorant, both of them transitioned away from using drugstore antiperspirants and began using their own products. They say that there is a transition period of about two weeks when your body gets used to the change, but once that is over with, you’re good to go. “The first thing you have to do is mentally prepare yourself for the transition,” says Rochelle.  “If you’re not mentally prepared, you might just think, ‘you know what, I give up, I’m just going to slap some conventional deodorant back on and block everything’. But once you get in your brain that ‘I really want to do this, I want to stick with it and be consistent,’ you’ll do it,”. The sisters go on to explain that during that initial transition period, you will find that you sweat more, as this is the body’s natural way of detoxifying. Once that two-week period is over, you will find that you sweat a lot less, as your body has now adjusted to the natural deodorant. Not only is using U.P. Beauty’s natural deodorant a good way to reduce the harsh chemicals we often expose ourselves to during our hygienic practices, but it is also a way to get more in synch with yourself, according to Cola. “There’s also a level of self-love, in a way people aren’t used to touching their armpits, really applying it and taking that care. So, the cream that we have, even though we will be coming out with a stick, really is an act of self-love as you put it on daily,” she explains.

Although U.P. Beauty currently sees more women than men buying their products, the sisters would love to see that change, as their products are great for everyone. “I would love to see more men buying our stuff, I think it’s really important,” says Cola. “Like our face kit we just launched. It is a really good kit. It has a cleanser, a toner, a scrub, and a moisturizer. More men need to be able to not be so afraid to take care of their face! A lot of then say ‘oh, all we need is water. That’s girly stuff,’ and yet they have razor bumps on their faces. You could fix that! We need to break down the barriers.”

Cola and Rochelle have also made strides to make sure their business gives back to others in need. After Kayshaun’s diagnosis of congestive heart failure, Make A Wish Canada, an organization that grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions, sent Kayshaun and his immediate family on a wonderful trip to Disney World. Wanting to help give other children and families the same opportunity they had, Cola and Rochelle donate a portion of their sales revenue to Make A Wish Canada. “Out of love for Kay Kay [Kayshaun] and his life, we really wanted to honor him and the things that he enjoyed and that he gave us. For Make A Wish, because they gave so much to us, we want to be able to create that for other families as well,” says Cola.

Treating yourself with a variety of hair and skin products, while supporting a worthy cause…now that’s uplifting. 


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