Working Out and Your Clothing

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When you’re looking to start exercising, you don’t just have to think about where, when and how you want to exercise. You also need to decide what type of clothing is best for the type of exercise you choose.  By deciding what type of exercise you are going to do, it makes it easier to choose the correct type of clothing.  Are you going to workout outside or inside?  Will you need a lightweight breathable jacket, sweater, t-shirt or tank top?  Will you need shorts, track pants or yoga pants?  If you’re going to train outside you need to know if it’s going to rain, snow or be bright sun.  Will you wear a hat and sunglasses with sunscreen or a hat and scarf?  

It’s necessary to make sure that your workout wear is comfortable.  If it’s not comfortable you will be fidgeting and fixing yourself the entire time.  Being uncomfortable and distracted because of ill fitting clothing defeats the purpose of you going out to exercise.  Make sure your clothing has enough stretch and breathability so you can stretch, bend and move freely.

It’s also important to make sure that you have enough workout clothing to fit within your workout schedule.  If you plan on working out five days a week but only have enough workout clothes for three days a week, this will only provide an excuse for you not to workout.  Don’t make it so easy for yourself to fail.  Make sure you have enough clothes and that they’re clean and ready to wear for when you’re ready to start your workout.

Depending on the type of workouts you will be doing you should also consider the types of fabrics you choose as well.  Moisture wicking fabrics are great because they pull moisture away from your skin to keep you drier and cooler.  If you’re going to be outside and doing an activity such as walking or jogging, especially in the winter when it gets darker earlier you should also consider reflective clothing so that you can be seen at night.

You should also consider the type of shoes you’ll be wearing for the activity you will be participating in.  If you’re going to start running then you need a proper fitting running shoe.  If you’re going to do cross training then you need the appropriate cross training shoe.  Go to a professional athletic foot store for expert advice.  You may also want to consider taking your old running shoes to the store to see how your current shoes have worn.

So be prepared and get ready to sweat, have fun and reach your goals.  Figure out what type of exercise you will enjoy so you can get the appropriate workout attire and limit your excuses.  Not only will you look good but you’ll feel good as well.


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